The case of Russian pregnant women: they raided luxury hotels and private clinics

Investigators determined that one of the agencies made a payment of $6,000,000 to a hotel. Adulterated documentation and bogus permits. How the investigation continues.

Investigation into trout agencies encouraging the entry of pregnant Russian women to the country to obtain Argentine citizenship continues and Justice ordered a series of searches to different establishments, such as luxury hotels and private clinics in search of more information.

In recent days, for example, the hotels Park Hyatt and Alvear were raided because it was detected that several of the Russians who were brought to Argentina by the agencies under investigation stayed there

The investigators determined that one of the agencies made a payment for 6,000000 pesos to a hotel.

Procedures were also performed in private clinics, where future mothers were treated The same in different legal studies where procedures were carried out for Russian citizens to get the Citizenship Charter a. There fee agreements were found between Russian citizens and lawyers for figures ranging between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars

In the first passages of the investigation it had been determined that several Russian couples presented apocryphal documentation to obtain permanent residence It is that foreigners who aspire to residency have to validate a certification of domicile where they must express the decision to live in country and where they will do it. This procedure is essential for the progress of the granting of permanent residence granted by the National Directorate of Migrations And in this, irregularities were detected.

Investigators determined that one of the agencies made a payment of 6,000,000 pesos to a hotel.

At the beginning of the case, it was detected that in some 70 procedures verifications of false addresses The documentation was presented with signatures and apocryphal police stamps which feeds the concept that Migration officials would also be involved in the journey to access apocryphal documentation.

At the moment of the birth of a baby in Argentina, it immediately obtains citizenship and DNI. After that, her parents apply to Immigration for permanent residence. Once the residence is obtained, they can request the Citizenship Charter, which is processed before the Federal Civil and Commercial courts and once the period for obtaining said benefit is achieved usually take two years; thus allowing to obtain the Argentine passport.

The researchers determined that a good part of the citizens of Russian nationality, almost 80%, who make their permanent residence in the National Territory, emigrate to other latitudes thereby losing the essence of permanence in the country.

Raid in legal studies where they carried out the process for Russian women to get citizenship.

The case of Russian pregnant women began more than a month ago , with a series of journalistic investigations that detailed the boom in parturient women who traveled to give birth in Argentina

Although they mentioned the desire to escape the war that their country of origin waged against Ukraine, one of the biggest attractions age the possibility of getting for newborns and women Argentine citizenship

Is that with the Argentine passport you have access to a large number of countries without special requirements , although to enter the United States you must process a visa that is basically for 10 years. In Russia, on the other hand, the war against Ukraine caused many nations to close their doors to their citizens.

They broke up a gang that brought in women and got them bogus documents for US$ 35 thousand

Last month the Federal Police disrupted in Puerto Madero a gang that brought pregnant Russian women to have their children in the country and charged them up to US$35,000. The package included getting them a sanatorium for childbirth and trout documentation to obtain Argentine citizenship in record time.

The troops carried out two raids in apartments of luxury towers in Puerto Madero, where they kidnapped dollars, note pads and immigration documents of the criminal organization.

According to police sources confirmed to Clarín For their “services” the band charged between US$20,000 and US$35,000 to wealthy families in the country ruled by Vladimir Putin.

DSAllanamiento en estudios jurídicos donde realizaban el trámite a las mujeres rusas para conseguir la ciudadanía.


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