The center of Kabul was rocked by an explosion at an Afghan hotel, and shots were fired at the scene. Authorities report three dead and 18 injured

A hotel in the ShahrNow area of ​​Kabul was attacked by attackers, where it is said that Chinese citizens were stationed.— Tajuden Soroush (@TajudenSoroush) December 12 , 2022 Three dead and at least 18 injured in an explosion and subsequent shooting, which on Monday afternoon shook a hotel in central Kabul, AFP reported. According to the media, the accommodation facility is popular among Chinese businessmen. The non-governmental organization Emergency reported on the attack. She runs a hospital in Kabul, where the wounded were taken, but she did not specify whether the attackers were among the victims. A Taliban spokesman later said three attackers were killed.

Kabul16:01 December 12, 2022 The Afghan Ministry of Interior and the Chinese Embassy in Kabul have not yet answered journalists’ questions regarding the attack on the Longan multi-story hotel complex. Beijing has not officially recognized the Taliban government, but it is one of the few countries that still maintains a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. China owns the rights to many important projects in Afghanistan, including a copper mine in eastern Afghanistan’s Logar province, but none of these projects are currently ongoing. The United States added the Pakistani affiliates of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to the list of global terrorist groups Read the article

Beijing has long feared that Afghanistan might become a refuge for Uyghur separatists from the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.Afghan cities have been the target of bomb attacks in recent months, some of which have been claimed by terrorist the Islamic State organization. This is not the first attack targeting foreigners in recent months. A security guard was wounded in a shooting at the Pakistani embassy on December 2, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack and confirmed that the head of mission was the target. Taliban in power

In Afghanistan last August, the Islamist Taliban movement seized power after the departure of about 100,000 foreign soldiers led by the Americans, who numbered around 60,000. Several hundred Czechs also served in Afghanistan. The Taliban took advantage of the resulting power vacuum and took over the country after the defeat of the Afghan government. freedoms of Afghan citizens, especially women and girls, and began to return to the harsh application of Sharia law and some of the practices common during his rule in the 1990s. Back then, public executions, flogging and stoning of convicts were common. The Taliban held the first public execution since last August last week, when they executed a man convicted of murder . ČTK

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