The creators of PHOBIA St. Dinfna Hotel announce new horror game, and have a demo in Unreal Engine 5

Project AIDA

The creators of FOBIA St. Dinfna hotel, one of this year’s breakout fear games, announce their next survival game, Project AIDA

One of the best horror games from 2022 has been

PHOBIA St. Dinfna hotel Beyond the (few, but increasingly numerous) AAA blockbusters like Resident Evil or The Callisto Protocol, kid the indie studios that keep the genre alive with original concepts.

Pulsatrix, a young Brazilian studio born in 2019, launched

PHOBIA St. Dinfna hotel last summer.

It was a scary survival in the first character, with puzzles and exploration and some boss fights, which made you feel tense with old-school mechanics, such as the absence of automatic saving , only at specific points.

After the great success of FOBIA, released for

PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One, have just announced their new project, and it will be something different, with futuristic horror and cyborgs, judging by the image of above, the only art released.


Project AIDA (creators of FOBIA St. Dinfna hotel)

This is Project AIDA in real time in Unreal Engine 5

This two-minute demonstration in Unreal Engine 5 is captured in real time. The Epic Games engine pulls muscle on lighting: reflections of light on water, on steam, seeping through pipes…

As in their previous game, they are going to bet on photorealistic graphics, although the environment we have seen so far, some sewers, is not particularly exciting…

The last of the video, in which the protagonist is thrown into the air, anticipates the science fiction component of the new game, which has no associated platforms or release date, or official title beyond Project AIDA We’ll have to wait a little longer…

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