The Czech Republic produces great people, but few global companies. We need action, says Richard Valtr of Mews

Startup Mews provides services for the management and administration of accommodation facilities, including payment solutions, and lately it has been collecting superlatives – it has one of the highest investments directed to a project by a Czech founder ever, its value stopped just below the one billion US dollar mark, it serves globally over 360,000 beds and about five billion dollars flowed through its system in the last year alone. The company started in the Czech Republic and still has its most important development center there. At the same time, however, considering its circumstances, it also had very few customers, and found its center of gravity abroad. What is it like to grow from here to world-class?

“It wasn’t easy from the start,” Richard Valtr, who founded Mews with a Dutchman, says plainly by Matthijs Well. When he wanted to grow his system, he needed money. But for a long time no one believed him that a company from a small country in Central Europe could compete with the giants that dominated the market at that time.

He turned to the world and today he says that he is glad for it. “There is not so much money in Central Europe,” he describes, adding that in this sense entrepreneurs in the United States have an advantage. “Companies there born American, then it’s quite easy for them to become global,” he explains.

But it can be turned around, he adds. “Because we have such a small market, that we have to think globally from the beginning,” also describes his case for the audio series of the CC25 project, a selection of twenty-five Czech startups that will be interesting to watch local young companies in the world. According to him, the Czech Republic produces great talents. But what about companies?

Listen to the series as a companion project within CC25, in which we map the Czech startup market, show its size and present twenty-five Czech companies that will be interesting to watch in the coming years. Browse the data about what the ecosystem was able to accumulate last year , how it is developing or who is the local startup.

In the first episode of the series, we talked about what the startup world in the Czech Republic actually looks like, what fields it covers and how it changes our lives. The second edition focused on the view of young companies from the investor’s point of view. startups are troubled.

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