The daughter of millionaire Doru Morcovescu explains the real reason that would have pushed him to commit suicide. What serious illness was he suffering from?

The daughter of the millionaire in the HORECA field, Doru Morcovescu, who committed suicide the other day in one of his hotels on Valea Prahova, made clarifications related to her father’s death. Alexandra puts to the wall those who said that her father would have committed suicide because of debts.

Alexandra, Doru Morcovescu’s daughter, explained in a post on a social network what was the genuine reason that led her father to the extreme gesture.

I would like it to be very clearly understood that my father suffered for several years from depression, generated by other illnesses, this being the moment of weakness which, unfortunately for our family, it led to this heavy loss”, wrote Alexandra Morcovescu, on Facebook

Where the tycoon’s body was found

The lifeless body of the man was discovered by one of the hotel employees who later raised the alarm.

From the first information, it seems that the businessman was found breathless in the bathroom of his apartment in the premises of the hotel unit. He hanged himself from the radiator.

The owner lived in the very hotel he owned and was known for a period of time with depressive disorder. More than both, this was also medication for this condition, say the quoted sources. of the departure from us, to the eternal ones of our father, Doruleț Morcovescu.

We inform you with deep pain and deep remorse that the one who was our beloved father and husband, Dorulet Morcovescu, left us, after a life of work and devotion.

He was a cheerful, warm man, generous to those around him, jumpy, with an amazing work force, a man who knew how to enjoy life and make those around him happy. In these moments of heavy balance, we pay him a final tribute.

The pain we feel, in these moments , is boundless and indescribable in words, helplessness being the only belief that has taken over our family. May God place him in a unique place, from where he can watch over us, those who loved and cherished him.

God rest his soul in speed!”, he wrote the family on a social network.

Doru Morcovescu was 60 years old and he owned several hotels and restaurants in Ploiești and Slănic Prahova. In 2013, the businessman was in Top Forbes, being the 8th billionaire in this ranking.

Doru Morcovescu’s fortune was estimated at 13 million euros, it being on the 273rd place in the basic ranking, with businesses in tourism and real estate.

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