The drama of the twins who starred in 'Zack and Cody: Twins in Action'

Perhaps you fondly remember ‘Zack and Cody: Twins in Action’, a television series produced by Disney that told the adventures of two brothers who lived in a luxurious hotel in Boston.

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The production, which was released in 2005 and reached millions of followers throughout the world, launched Dylan and Cole Sprouse to stardom, for whom a prolific career was predicted.

However, the true drama that the twins endured for years is unknown, who beyond the age of Millions of dollars they earned for their outstanding leading role, they had to deal with fame and their mother’s addictions.

During the first five years of their lives they participated in the comedy ‘Grace Under Fire’ , in which they alternated their role as little Patrick, to later make a big leap to the big screen with their leading role in ‘A Great Dad’ alongside a young but talented Adam Sandler, in which both played the tender Julian.

Subsequently, fame smiled on them and they arrived at just 12 years old to share the scene in ‘Zack and Cody: twins in action’, a production that touched the generation and that was followed by Millions of young people and adolescents around the world, who followed their adventures during 3 seasons.

On the podcast Call her dady, one of the Sprouse brothers assured that his childhood was diluted in arduous work , with which they not only solved her parents’ economic crisis, but rather “financed” her mother’s addictions.

Melanie Wright, who had her power, suffered from serious mental problems, to which her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Due to this drama that they lived through for a while, the United States authorities delegated custody of the twins to their father who took them out for a while from the entertainment world.

However, after the Cole’s repeated requests to be back in front of the screen, the father granted their wish in which they could continue with their successful career .

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While Cole graduated as an archaeologist, and Dylan dedicated himself to furthering his career designing videogames, continued to star in successful series for which they are still recognized.

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