The Edwardian era of the early 20th century resurfaces at the NoMad hotel-museum in the heart of London's Covent Garden

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York opened in 2021, showing the public the British galleries recently designed by the American architects of the firm Roman and Williams , the same ones who were in charge of many of the scenes in the movie Zoolander in 2001, and also who have now signed a new hotel shop in the heart of London Not anywhere in the center, nor in a typical alley, but there where for more than 100 years the most important trials of the 19th century were staged , in the old Magistrates’ Court that at the same time functioned as a police station police station on Bow Street. Today, at number 28 on the street there are 91 rooms– with an overall of 21 suites that make up the long-awaited


There was a desire for the hotel to open its doors, precisely because of the way in which the architects have stretched the gum of what it means the English imaginary That it is still just that, a construction, but in this case wide enough to fit much more than the narrative of the

neighborhood London Mayfair, any story about the monarchy of today or the halls of the Victorian era After the queen of yesteryear, there were nine years at the beginning of the 20th century in which her son Eduardo VII reigned, which left an architectural residue that is remembered as soon as you enter the NoMad– with a royal access full of plants-, a hall mean to os priests — the low lighting rules the building from the inside-, and furniture and objects -starting with the giant tapestry-wardrobe that It hangs in the lobby– which reminds us of how fanatical Victoria’s son was to visit his colonies, like the good emperor of India he was in his day.

No room is the same as another. At NoMad, each bedroom is presented with unique details, antiques, and objects.

Simon Upton

Many parts of the hotel adopt the ‘chinoiserie’ style.

Simon Upton

Beyond the fabrics, murals and carpentry

Robin Standefer, one of the two founders of the American firm, says that the strength and hardness of this courthouse contrasts powerfully with the new romanticism that the hotel breathes An appreciable thing in the bedrooms, both in their wooden wardrobes, dressers, fireplaces and bathrooms with brass taps, although especially in the labyrinthine passageways that one must go through to get to his room, most accompanied by fool blue moldings and stairs that also lead They go to the main common room of the NoMad, set up in the style of a greenhouse. Its roofs, in fact, are made of glass and, if it rains outside, which is the norm in England, the noise of the rain hitting the overhead stained glass windows will let those who decide to have breakfast, lunch and dinner know in the restaurant installed right there. Or forget the sorrows of a Monday with agave-based spirits at the complex’s British club, called Side Hustle.

This is how huge the restaurant in the common room looks, seen from the elevated ‘lobby’ of the hotel .

Simon Upton

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