The end of the EET has freed Krkonoše hoteliers from fear of sanctions

A problem associated with a considerable fine could have been caused by a dishonest or forgetful waiter who did not give the guest the prescribed receipt at a mountain hotel, where there is considerable staff turnover.

“The fine was then paid by the owner of the establishment without having a chance to prevent it. Thank God that the EET, which raised constant uncertainty about the punishment, fell. A number of other bureaucratic measures that take away people’s desire to do business should also be dropped,” stated Klára Sovová, co-owner of Luční bouda in Krkonoše.

“The cancellation of EET does not represent any radical change at Luční bouda. Sales continue to go through the electronic cash register, we will just turn off one redundant control system towards the state,” she added.

The House approved the complete abolition of EET. Return of the 90s, Schillerová is angry


According to the operators of Krkonoše hotels and guesthouses contacted by the Law, the end of the EET will mainly help the operators of small pubs. The accounting of large hotels and restaurants goes through a series of control mechanisms through electronic cash registers, and the cancellation of the EET will only turn off one of the watch links.

“I think that the state may not care at all if a tavern owner admits half of the ten schnitzels sold. He should rather aim at the environment where millions are lost,” appeals Sovová.

“I, like others, don’t really care about the abolition of EET, which neither helped nor harmed. We will recognize the full amount of sales anyway, it’s not possible otherwise,” says Daniel Eliáš, the owner of Hospoda Na Peci in Pec pod Sněžkou.

Hotelier: EET was the right way

Electronic records of sales were particularly important in the Giant Mountains with a high concentration of accommodation and restaurant services the ambition to straighten out the business environment and separate the wheat from the chaff. The crooks, who claimed a fraction of real sales, were to lose the competitive advantage gained through fraud at the expense of others.

“The business environment completely it didn’t fix it, but it helped. It was the right way,” says Soňa Cejnarová, co-owner of one of the largest hotels in Špindlerův Mlýn, who considers the end of EET a politically motivated step back.

“Once again, everyone will do what they want. Many will switch to paying staff employed illegally, which impoverishes the state in taxes and levies, I negotiate with suppliers about so-called paperless supplies, which again the state will lose out on. On the contrary, customers could make money, who could get cheaper goods thanks to this,” predicts Cejnarová from the Aquapark hotel.

“It is possible some entrepreneurs take this as a state subsidy for expensive energy,” she jokingly pointed out. “The fact that one of the innkeepers is a thief does not mean that we are all thieves, which is what EET indicated,” Sovová responded.

The end of EET has not yet brought an avalanche in the Krkonoše Mountains associated with requiring cash payments at the expense of card payments. “Only a fool would do this. It’s like an invitation to visit the lamb,” said Cejnarová half-jokingly.

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