The excessive fees paid by the Secret Service to stay in Trump hotels

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According to bills seen by the Committee, federal employees paid up to five times the budgeted rate for one night’s stay.

There are more and more documents that show how the The Trump Organization benefited greatly from the presidency of Donald Trump during the tycoon’s four years in power. One of the benefits came through the lodging of hundreds of federal officials in the president’s properties, sometimes “exorbitant” trick freights.

Although this conflict of interest has been documented before, and it was already known that the Secret Service paid a bill of 1.4 million dollars to the hotels of the former president from 2017 to 2021, Congress has seen accounting reports that generate more outrage .

On Monday, the House Oversight Committee reported that fees charged to the Secret Service for staying at Trump hotels, and thus providing a security scheme for the president and his family when they participated in events, was totally “excessive.” According to bills seen by the Committee, federal employees paid up to five times the budgeted rate for one night’s stay.

Exorbitant fees charged to the Secret Service and frequent agent stays at Trump properties raise significant concerns about individual treatment of the former president and may have resulted in a taxpayer-funded windfall for the former president’s ailing businesses. Trump,” said Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, a Democratic Rep. of New York.

In one of the books Accounting records seen by the Oversight Committee find that the Secret Service was charged $1,160 for a room at the Trump International hotel in Washington, DC, a rate that was five times higher than the budgeted $201 per room for that room. season. This is money paid by taxpayers. Hotels offer a specific government rate for federal officials, with a good discount, but this does not seem to be the case with the Trump Organization.

These records contradict information from the Trump Organization and relatives of the former president, who claimed that Trump hotels gave agents rooms at the typical cost, with great discounts or even for free.

” Any services provided to the United States Secret Service or other government agencies at Trump-owned properties were at the request of them and provided at cost, heavily discounted or free,” the Trump Organization said in a statement.

Eric Trump, son of the former Republican president, had stated on his own that “if my father travels, (the agents) stay in our p free properties… if they went to a hotel across the street, they would charge them 500 bucks a night, whereas you know we charge them, like 50 (at ours).”

Trump visited his properties 547 times, including 145 visits to his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida and also his continuing visits to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey , according to an investigation by the Washington-based Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility. Secret Service agents were to stay with him. If the budget for a room was much less than spent, how did the Secret Service pay the bills?

” Secret Service has been authorized additional flexibility for spending during protective missions, including per diem spending above the government rate,” Maloney said in a letter to the Secret Service asking for more complete spending information. , since the panel he chairs considers that the expenses could be higher than the 1.4 million that are known.

” Given long-reported concerns about the former president’s conflicts of interest and efforts to cash in on the presidency, the committee has a vested interest in obtaining a full accounting of federal government spending on Trump properties,” Maloney wrote. .

Neither the Trump Organization nor the Secret Service have been p pronounced about this scandal.

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