The fear of Martín Salwe after leaving The hotel of the famous

Martín Salwe starred in a bittersweet experience in The hotel of the Famous, since he reached the last, and he managed to survive dozens of weeks in the game, but he was also tainted by a perception of being calculating and a bad partner to such an extent that social networks branded him as the bad guy.

The announcer fell into the clutches of a deep fear because of that halo that impregnated him, motorized in his own behavior. For this reason, the blonde recounted the fear that took over his being when he left that truth of eltrece, which became one of the hits of the year.

Martín visited the Partners floor of the show and addressed a myriad of topics, within which he immersed himself regarding reviews on digital platforms. “It was left as a consequence with the issue of social networks. I no longer open Twitter because I think it is an important source of hate,” he said.

he Thus he added what he suffers in his own flesh and expressed: “Recently I took the time to go into each comment to see if there was something positive, I found all negative.” Although he specified that he found a balm on Instagram: “There’s nothing to see, on the contrary it’s all positive. There were no haters, there was nothing left of that.”

That led to a tremendous revelation of what he suffers and the consequences that he thought would come to his professional career: “What remains is the fear of some brands to work with the people who were affected by it.”

That dark vibration of insecurity dissipated with the summons of José María Muscari: “I started breathing again a little because I was scared. When he called me I stayed, I’m not telling you I cried, but something grabbed my chest” .

Anguish appeared on the path of Salwe, but fortunately for him, the possibility of entering Sex changed the whole panorama. “He called me and I said ‘thank goodness’ because I think he gets away with doing things, but sometimes to do it, the opportunity or work has to appear,” he confessed.



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