The government “blocked” the arrival of seasonal tourists from Asia, hoteliers announce the blockade of the Sozina tunnel

In the escalation phase of the issue with the emergency power in Montenegro. While Montenegrin hoteliers managed to find a lifeline and through Belgrade agencies to arrange the arrival of workers from Asian and African countries, the government, according to Montenegrin businessmen, put a “veto”, writes

Businessmen from the tourism sector they point out that if the state does not find a solution as soon as possible, the tourist season will be over before it starts because they have no workers. Dozens of workers from Nepal who were supposed to start working on the Montenegrin coast from May were turned away this week, and hoteliers were forced to cancel the arrival of groups of tourists. Hoteliers also state that their earnings are not so much that they can pay seasonal salaries that they have in Croatia.

The meeting regarding the recruitment of labor from distant countries was held yesterday in Bar, and was attended by representatives of the Crne hotel Association. Gore, together with the businessmen of Budva, Sutomore, Ulcinj, Canja…

” We have a big issue regarding the hiring of labor from abroad– India, Nepal, Cameroon, because the state does not provide it for us, they have already vetoed it. However, some companies from abroad are bringing them in. Unfortunately, this season will fail if we don’t have foreign workers. At the moment, we don’t have the possibility to pay domestic labor, because, for example, a cook is asking for two to three thousand euros,” said the president hotel Association of Montenegro Nikola Pejović.

Hotelier from Čanje Branko Vukmanović points out that he spoke with the Minister of Tourism Goran on this occasion Đurović and that he received information that the Government does not have the possibility of connecting with India and Nepal and securing employment, but that they are aware that such workers already exist.

“Us in Bar they did not approve the hiring of maids, kitchen staff, cooks from Nepal. In the meantime, we have invested so much money, and Montenegro refuses to receive it. We also spoke with people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and they told us that they do not have the approval of the Government. We will wait to see if the government will react, even though the season has already started, and if we are not allowed to hire that workforce, hoteliers and businessmen will be forced to block the Sozin tunnel. It seems that this is the only way we would provoke a reaction”, said Vukmanović.

Stevo Novaković, a hotelier from Čanj says that they are not running away from labor force from the surrounding area, but there is a shortage of labor force with them as well as with us.

Hotelier Rajko Petranović explained why there are no more workers from the surrounding area and why everyone is going to Croatia…

“They are going because of that that they have a stronger clientele than we do, because agencies and tour operators bring more paying guests, they make contracts with tour operators. That cannot be done here because Montenegro has no infrastructure. For example, it takes a guest three hours to get from Tivat to Bar in the season. Of course, we can’t get those guests at the moment, but those with weaker paying power and we can’t pay the workers at that price like in Croatia,” said Petranović.


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