The Government of Republika Srpska gave “Termag” a parking lot for 2,000 KM, and they offered it to the “Jahorina” Olympic Center for 50,000 KM

The Government of Republika Srpska has actually rented the parking area of the general public organization Olympic Center “Jahorina” to the private-owned hotel “Termag” for 30 years at a rate of 2,000 KM each year, and after that the very same hotel used this car park to “Jahorina” for 50,000 KM per season.

Written by: eTrafika investigative group; Cover picture: Illustration, Unsplash

This practically astounding info is verified by files in ownership of our website, in addition to by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Olympic Center “Jahorina”, Nedeljko Elek, who informed eTrafika that the yearly lease “Termag” will pay to “Jahorina” is made in 2 days. He states that “just here” does the Government make a pure earnings for its own business by renting parking to a rival for a percentage, and after that the rival provides it to the owner for leasing at a much greater rate.

” This does not occur anywhere else however here. There is a choice of the Government of Republika Srpska, signed by the Prime Minister of the Government of Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, in which the stated parking area is provided for 30 years for usage to the business “Termag” d.o.o. Rogatica. The Government of Republika Srpska decided, however thankfully, the Legal Department of Republika Srpska did not authorize it. The Olympic Center “Jahorina” was straight harmed in regards to severe incomes by this choice and the concession of parking area to the business “Termag”. It is rubbish for the Government to remove the car park from its own business and offer it to another. It is a severe company and a great deal of cash is made there. The factors for leasing the car park are unidentified to us”, states Elek.

Our interlocutor discusses that on December 14, 2021, the Olympic Center “Jahorina” got a notice from “Termag” declaring that they had actually gotten approval from the general public Company “Putevi Republike Srpske” (Roads of Republika Srpska) for the “building and construction of parking area” with 7 parking areas situated in the protective zone of the local roadway.

He even more specifies that the Olympic Center “Jahorina” got a suggestion prior to the start of the winter 22/23 within the conclusion of the Government of Republika Srpska at the 197 th session hung on December 1st of in 2015, to carry out all required activities in coordination with appropriate entities to offer conditions for the start of the winter season traveler season, consisting of “offering and organizing parking area for charging parking costs on the land owned by Republika Srpska, in the location of the town of Pale”.

hotel as belongings and ownership, along with ramps for the underground garage with a location of 88 square meters and 18 parking areas with a gain access to roadway on the side of the underground garage with a location of 550 square meters. Furthermore, the building of 2 parking lot on both sides of the fire roadway causing the primary roadway Pale– Jahorina as much as “Vučko” hotel is enabled, including one parking lot with 29 parking areas covering a location of 365 square meters and one parking lot with 12 parking areas covering a location of 150 square meters.

” DOO ‘Termag’ Rogatica is required to pay 2,000 BAM annually for the whole duration of bondage to Republika Srpska,” specifies the choice of the Government of Republika Srpska.

The Ministry of Trade and Tourism, the Legal Department of Republika Srpska, the seat of the Deputy of Istocno Sarajevo, and the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs of Republika Srpska, Pale Regional Unit, are accountable for the application of this choice.

hotel complex, situated outside the protective zone of the local roadway, with a gain access to roadway from the ideal side. In this regard, we notify you that we will utilize the place, which is the topic of the abovementioned approval, for the function identified by the choice,” specified in the alert from “Termag.”

The choice of “Putevi RS” states that “Termag” requested their approval for the building of parking areas, and a job from the business “Radis” from Istocno Sarajevo is connected.

Subsequently, the “Jahorina” Olympic Center submitted an appeal versus the choice of the Republika Srpska Government, that is, the general public Enterprise “Putevi RS,” which was consequently accepted. The choice was annulled and the matter was returned for additional procedures and decision-making.

hotel ‘Termag’ for usage, nor has the hotel ‘Termag’ ever utilized or is presently utilizing any parking area that is owned by the Jahorina Olympic. We are not knowledgeable about where the false information that the Olympic Center rented parking area to us originated from. We properly mention that this is not real, and it has actually been produced and maliciously spread out with the goal of discrediting and tainting the track record of an excellent, diligent, and effective business owner that ‘Termag’ has actually been developing for many years”, this was the message communicated in the reaction from the abovementioned hotel.

We have actually likewise sent out concerns to the Ministry of Traffic and Communications, which has jurisdiction over the general public Enterprise ‘Putevi Republike Srpske’, however we have actually not gotten any responses from them, not even info on when we might anticipate them.
We did, nevertheless, get rather complicated reactions from the Republika Srpska Attorney’s Office. They were particularly called in the choice of the Government of Republika Srpska as one of the entities accountable for carrying out that choice, they informed us that they were not.

” We want to mention the imprecision and obscurity of the concerns raised on this event, thinking about that the choice of the Government of=Republika Srpska described has actually not been defined, and because of that, it is not possible to supply an accurate response. In the records kept at the Deputy Office in Istocno Sarajevo, we notify you that this entity has actually not gotten any case associated to the lease of parking area of the Olympic Center (land owned by the Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’) in favour of the ‘Termag’ hotel. The Republika Srpska Attorney’s Office is not the legal agent of the Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ according to the law, and for that reason, we do not have access to the agreements concluded by the Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ with natural or legal individuals”, specified the Republika Srpska Attorney’s Office.


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