'The island of temptations': Sandra Barneda breaks before the difficult final bonfire of Tania and Samu

20 minutes NEWS16122022 – 02:22 h

Telecinco broadcast this Thursday the first part of the last of

The island of temptations

In it, you could see the 24-hour appointments, the clashes between tempters and boyfriends and the expected bonfire between Samuel and Tania.

The two of them came just after the 24-hour appointments, with the difference that Samu had returned to having sex sexual trick Elena, while Tania had limited herself to sleeping with Hugo Paz.

As soon as they saw each other, they both began to throw all kinds of reproaches at each other speaking at the speed of light , something that led Sandra to ask them to respect each other’s turn to speak on several occasions and that filled the networks with memes.

However, the speech of both changed when realized that the two had suffered gone and they continued to have feelings for each other Of course, they could not agree, because Tania attached great importance to the fact that Samu had slept with another girl, while for him the hardest thing was having realized that Tania was not in love with him.

All in all, it was a very complicated and emotional bonfire, and Sandra Barneda was moved on several occasions to see how the couple suffered and how it seemed that theirs was impossible. Finally, Samu asked to leave the program with his still girlfriend , but to find out her decision we will have to wait until next week.

‘ The Island of Temptations 5’, live: episode 13 (12/15/22) on Telecinco

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