The latest from Jaime Hayon: a hotel full of contrasts in the tallest tower in Bangkok

We love to think of Jaime Hayon as the sane and witty counterpart to Philip V of Spain. He does not go to the extreme of wanting to ride on the horses of the tapestries , nor does he chase the ghosts of the palace, skewering the sword in the air, but in the royal design industry , his actions radiate the same amazement. Few creators hold as much recognition and enjoy as much freedom as he did, perhaps because under his regency the borders between the possible and the impossible evaporate in favor of an empire marked by happiness, the light of the Mediterranean and Asian effervescence.

His latest project takes us to Bangkok, where you sign the new hotel The Standard. In its 155 rooms and huge common spaces, Hayon has combined textures, colors and contrasts: yellow coexists in balance with red, and white and black refer to the Vietnamese houses of the twenties. “I love the energy and diversity of Thailand. My mission has been to conceive a place where comfort, come together space harmony and regional craftsmanship, emphasizing details. In my head I like to imagine each project as if it were

a movie

, going from one scene to another with impressive stills”, explains this creative who knows how to imbue his spaces with the right dose of impropriety, fantasy and good design.

Shower of the suite, with terrazzo tiles, and the wonderful outside area, with furniture inspired by the shapes of Gaudí. © The Standard

When art is meets the design

” It is always a challenge to make something unique and special, but I accept the challenge. I do not do many jobs as unique as this, but the truth is that The Standard family allows me to act as artist and designer at the same time” Your calculated eccentricidad brims with madness and ingenuity, but with method and flair.

After this Thai adventure, will soon open a new space in Daegu, South Korea, that combines an artistic installation with a cafeteria, gallery, shop and garden, and is based on the concept of the forum as a meeting place. At the same time, he is working on a hotel in the Battersea neighborhood of London and on a fascinating accommodation in Valencia. It seems evident that Jaime Hayon’s language of shapes and color is universal and does not require a translator. And the best news is that the sun never sets in his domain.

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