The long-awaited epic “Amsterdam” opens in theaters and promises to surprise

The premiere of “Amsterdam” promises to impact audiences in theaters with an engaging plot. Photo/Publication “Amsterdam”, which opens this Friday in US theaters, has an established cast, including Christian Bale. One of the most anticipated films for this season mixes facts of American history with fiction From the Newsroom – The big opening this Friday, in theaters in the USA is the film “Amsterdam”, by David O. Russell, director of the “Side Bom da Vida”, which tells a fascinating story that blends historical fact and fiction to bring a cinematic experience. An epic original crime novel about three friends who find themselves at the center of one of the most secret conspiracies in US history. “Amsterdam” has an established cast of actors, including Christian Bale, John David Washington and Margot Robbie. The long-awaited plot, after the relevant reviews, mixes some of the facts of American history with fiction to create a plot that balances the suspense required by the premise with the humor and agile narrative already very characteristic of the director, also responsible for the script. of the movie. ______continues after publicity_______ Production time was long, said David O. Russell and Bale, his longtime partner, who began work nearly six years ago. He revealed in an interview that both wanted with the film, “to create a story about friendship, love and true loyalty”, and they succeeded. ____________________publicity___________________source

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