The mystery grows over the death of the Argentine bodybuilder in Brazil: “She knew she was in danger”

“She knew she was in danger”, revealed in dialogue with Chronicle HD the athlete’s mother and sister, who in the absence of a autopsy to add more details, the main versions suggest that suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest.

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“They did something to her, they gave her something”, assured Carmen, Johana’s mother, and added: “I have doubts about her death. I spoke with her at nine o’clock at night and I was happy, I was fine”. The story began last Wednesday, when the native of Lomas de Zamora traveled to Brazilian lands to compete in one of the most important tournaments in South America. Two days later she made her presentation, she took second place and shared the joy with her family, with whom she communicated through a video call. Finally, on Saturday morning, the competitor was found dead in her hotel room Now, her mother Carmen told some details that sowed a cloak of mystery around her death. “ I have doubts that they did something to her. I asked her three times ‘Are you okay?’. I was with my granddaughters, her daughters. Calm down’, she told me”, she explained. “And at two in the morning we received the call that she passed away. I still can’t believe it,” he lamented. The painful news was given to her by Johana’s ex-partner (also a bodybuilder), who curiously had traveled to Brazil at her express request.According to reports, upon arrival at the hotel, the 30-year-old Argentine was referred to a double room that she had to share with another athlete from the delegation, a situation that became uncomfortable since this man would have tried to inject her with a substance while she slept in order to “abuse” her.” She did not know why they put her in that room. She did not claim anything, she was happy (at first). Then she called crying, that the organization treated her badly. That is why we suspect that someone has done something to her,” added Carmen, while continuing to fight for the repatriation of her daughter’s body.For its part, the International Federation of Bodybuilding Argentina (IFBB) published a statement on its social networks in which it explained: “While he was sleeping he suffered a cardiac arrest. The individual doctor of the hotel and the Emergency Medical Service of Brazil, performed more than an hour of resuscitation that was, unfortunately, unsuccessful. The acting doctor has informed us that it was a sudden death. We extend our deepest feeling to ask for his family and our entire bodybuilding community”. “If he died due to health problems, we understand. But with everything that happened, we are concerned. No one is responsible, we are at the other end, we do not understand anything”, sentenced the sister of Johana on the case that is far from being resolved.

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