The RIU CEO explodes against the mayor of Palma for calling the housekeepers 'kellys'

The CEO of the RIU hotel company, Carmen Riu, has exploded against the mayor of Palma for giving the name “kellys” to a square dedicated to chambermaids. “It seems disrespectful to me and even from my point of view it borders on offensive”, he criticized in a letter Riu, collected by the Diario de Mallorca

Cursach and his right-hand man demand more than 30 years in prison for the judge and the financier who investigated them


The CEO’s anger lies in the acronym with which she refers to the group. “I would like to know, Mr. Mayor, if when you refer to a medical doctor if you call him “Kecu” (who heals) or perhaps a lawyer “Keli” (who litigates) or when you introduce yourself instead of referring to es Mayor refers to himself as a “Kego” (who governs),” he said in the statement. However, it is the group of waitresses that calls itself with that term: association Kellys Unión Balear.

Last Thursday, December 1, Mayor José Hila changed the name to former Platja de Palma park for Parc de les Kellys. ” It is the tribute we pay to the housekeepers, a group that has fought to improve their working conditions,” Hila said at the Twitter profile of him. This concept is part of an exhibition held a year ago at the Casal Solleric in which the work done by the chambermaids was recognized.

It is a source of pride as a city and as a mayor that Palma has a park that has the name of the Kellys.

It is the tribute that, as @ajuntpalma, we make housekeepers, a group that has fought to improve their working conditions.

They are already part of Palma j13 MhdIfWa

— Jose Hila (@hila) December 1, 2022 ” Sounds like bullshit to me “

Sara del Mar Garcia, president of the association Kellys Unión Balear , replied last Friday

to the words of the CEO: “It seems like nonsense to me”. “It’s a play on words that we chose ourselves,” Del Mar continues, “that’s what we call ourselves.”

The solution for Riu to avoid “lowering them” is to change the name of the park “to ‘Park of the Housekeepers’ or ‘Park of the Cleaners’.”

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