The tragedy of a famous singer, his wife committed suicide: I didn't have the strength to identify her

The tragedy of Bora Drljača, which is still talked about today

Late singer Bora Drljača

experienced a tragedy from which he did not recover until the last day. His wife Verica threw up her hand and was found in the park near hotel Jugoslavija, and she left him a farewell message with two sentences in the apartment.

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This is what the late singer used to say:

— I still suffer for Verica to this day. Even before that, she tried to kill herself. She took a handful of pills for the first time. I found her at home passed out on the floor and immediately drove her to the VMAs. She was there for a flush. I saved her life! I really don’t know why she did it. Trust me! I don’t think she lacked anything with me, she had everything. She planned to do it and I couldn’t stop her — said Drljača on one occasion and said that he was shocked when he found her farewell letter



Bora Drljača passed away– He fought until the last day

— The darkest day in mommy’s life has come. On Sunday, my younger son Branislav and I went to have lunch with a relative in Inđi. On Monday, Verica had an appointment with the doctor. We agreed that I would pick her up at ten in the morning to drop her off. When I got to the front of the apartment, for some reason I started shaking. I rang the bell– nothing. Then I tried to open the door with the key, it didn’t work. I put my hand on the doorknob and realized that the door was unlocked. I nervously entered the apartment and started calling her. I ran from room to room, opened all the doors, shouted, but there was no sign or voice from her. When I saw the letter on the NBA table, everything was clear to me immediately. It said: “ I’m tired of life, take care of my children

!” I knew. I passed out. I don’t know when I came to. I called the police, called myself and the children and her brother

— were terrible creepy words uttered by the late Bora.


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The police only found her dead in the afternoon in the park next to the hotel “Yugoslavia.”

Bora believed that she did not want to kill herself in the apartment because he would have prevented her.

— She didn’t want to kill herself in the apartment, because she probably thought that, like last time, I would find her and save her. She certainly didn’t want our sons to see such a sight. I didn’t have the strength to go see her, to identify her. My aunt’s brother did it. But before we buried her in the cemetery, I would see her for the last time. She was beautiful. It’s like he’s sleeping. I don’t know how I survived it— were Bora’s words.

Rada’s second wife died of cancer

He also lost his second, unmarried wife, Rada, who passed away in December 2018 after a battle with a vicious disease. She fought with breast cancer, in 2012 she was operated on, but unfortunately the disease returned.

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