The United States does not find people for these jobs and they pay very well; is it measured?

Dozens of companies in the United States suffer the consequences of the low rate of labor demand Although supply is high, there are companies that work at half speed because they simply can’t find workers

For this reason, several companies have increased salaries and others went further to give juicy bonuses that can benefit thousands of employees.

Amazon, one of the most important multinationals in the world, announced that it will give bonuses of up to 1,000 dollars to your warehouse workers and your carriers in United States(those who quit the most), detailed the BBC

By For its part, the hotel chain Hilton indicated that it would give its general service and customer service workers in that country a bonus of up to 500 dollars

( See also : New vacancies open in Canada for Colombians, with salaries of more than $8’000000).

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Airbnb ($2,000 bonuses), BambooHR ($2,000), Calendly ($1,000), Evernote ($1,000), Expedia ($1,500), and TripAdvisor (1,500 dollars) boy other companies that, in the United States, offer juicy bonuses to their workers, added NBC

Employment in the United States: some companies pay more than 200,000 pesos per hour

From lawyers to nurses, that country is looking for personalities who want to work and enjoy of multiple job benefits

A list of jobs where they pay him more than 5 0 dollars per hour (216,000 pesos) was delivered per week. That magazine does not say where you can apply for one of those jobs, but here we share platforms such as Linkedin or Indeed where you can do it.

Some works indicated by that medium child:

  • Lawyers and judges: 59.79 dollars per hour (260385 Colombian pesos).
  • Human Resources Manager: 58.28 dollars per hour (253809 Colombian pesos).
  • Astronomers: 57.56 dollars per hour (250,673 Colombian pesos).

Computer hardware engineer: 57.48 dollars per hour (250,325 Colombian pesos).

  • Aerospace engineer: 57.02 dollars per hour (248,322 Colombian pesos s).
  • Optometrist: 56.76 dollars per hour (247189 Colombian pesos).
  • Individual service manager: 55.94 dollars per hour (243618 Colombian pesos).
  • Nuclear engineer: 55.84 dollars per hour (243183 Colombian pesos).
  • Medical assistant: 55.48 dollars per hour (241615 Colombian pesos).
  • Nurse midwife: $53.43 per hour ( 232687 Colombian pesos).
  • Mathematician: 53.30 dollars per hour (232687 Colombian pesos).
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