The unpublished images of Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas in New York

New photographs of the getaway of Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas to New York are known. This is what they did, plus their evening at the city’s luxurious Carlyle hotel.

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas

and her recent getaway to New York continue to cause fascination among the singer’s admirers. On February 14, the ‘Sun’ of Mexico and the ex of Enrique Ponce were seen in the Big Apple

enjoying dinner at the piano bar of the hotel Carlyle.

There they were ‘caught’ by a Mexican fan, Hernán Junco, who shared on social networks how their meeting had been with the artist and his girlfriend. That was how we were able to know that they were seen happy, lovesick and “with their arms intertwined”

, as the witness of the evening told SEMANA. Now we know new details about the couple’s trip to the United States. One in which they had time to visit some of the most exclusive establishments in the city, such as the a Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue.

Luis Miguel is seen with his partner Paloma Cuevas the ‘comadre’ shopping in the store of


In New York.

— Laura Estrada Journalist (@LauraEstradaTv) February 23, 2023

Upon arrival at the Ralph Lauren shop in the Upper East, Lusi Miguel and Paloma Cuevas were “relaxed and smiling” and “with monochrome appearance”, as highlighted by the Mexican journalist Luisa Serna Barrera on her social networks. She has shared an image shared by @roberto_garcia79, an admirer of the singer, in which It reflects how the singer and Paloma enjoyed “an afternoon of shopping in the store, where there are household items, decoration, men’s and women’s clothing.” It was the day after the snapshot was taken when they returned to Madrid together.

There is no doubt that the relationship between them is consolidated as time passes. In statements by Hernán Junco, a witness to their Valentine’s night in New York, both “were extremely polite”, with him, they were “well dressed, he with his characteristic appearance all in black with a long coat and she in a green dress dark”. As revealed to SEMANA, the interpreter seemed happy: “We talked a little about Monterrey and he asked me please not to have a photo because he’s going “low profile”, those were his exact words. He introduced me to his girlfriend, I greeted her. I recognized her immediately

I confessed to Luismi that I’ve been a fan since I was a child, that I know all his songs and that we even made him some shoes of my brand personalized with his initials. That we sent them to him with his brother La Picha. We hugged goodbye, I thanked him for his time and that was it”.


The businesswoman and Luis Miguel are happy and share their love throughout the world, either in Spain or outside its borders.

Proof of this is when SEMANA exclusively uncovered

their express trip to Bilbao, where they arrived by private jet and where ate in a well-known restaurant for lovers of good food, Asador Extebarri, one Michelin star. In the regional they tasted dishes cooked according to the specialty of the house, cooked with different types of firewood and embers.

For months they have been seen together in different situations. Even his friends are excited about the good time they are experiencing. “ They both deserve to be very happy

“, stressed a few days ago Rosa Clará, designer and friend Paloma’s intimate The businesswoman was one of the personalities who shared with the couple their recent getaway to Bilbao, in which other friends were present. “The truth is that I’ve known him for years. I didn’t have as much friendship as with Paloma but I have known him for years,” the dressmaker acknowledged, delighted to see her friend so happy.


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