The water blew up the AquaDom in Berlin. There will be no second

  • In the lobby of the Radisson hotel Berlin there will be a new aquarium. Water burst a giant cylinder – a tourist attraction of the German capital – in mid-December 2022. A million liters of water spilled out, and with it 1,500 fish.

    At the site of a giant aquarium a new AquaDom will not be built in the lobby of the Radisson hotel in Berlin.

    Even without knowing the reasons for the cracking of the Aquadom, we exclude a new large aquarium for this location

    – said spokesman for the owner of the building Fabian Hellbusch. He added that the amount of work required to rebuild such a facility is disproportionately high.

    The property owner is considering using the site of the Aquadom for an alternative investment – The decision is to be made in the middle of the year. It is known, however, that the hotel will not be opened until the end of 2023. The aquarium explosion caused a lot of damage to the facility.

    A 16 meter tall cylinder exploded on December 16, 2022. A million liters of water leaked out. Together with the water, 1500 tropical fish in the aquarium floated out.

    The force of the explosion was so powerful that the glass in the doors and windows of the hotel was broken. Shards of glass flew onto the street, injuring two people.

    6 shops in the complex were damaged.

    It is still unknown why the aquarium exploded. For months, experts have been examining 700 shards of acrylic glass from which the Aquadom was built.

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