These tricks will allow you to connect a Google Chromecast to a hotel TV even if Wi-Fi is limited

It is not that there are no clever TVs in hotel rooms and other tourist accommodation, but perhaps they do not have the platform you like or it is limited. In this sense, taking your Google Chromecast in your suitcase can be a great idea. Although connecting a Chromecast to the television at home is a quick process and without much mystery, things change if you choose to do it on a television in a hotel: with these You can get it in two ways

Go ahead, the process can be exactly the same as at home if the hotel has the Wi-Fi without any type of restriction So, probably when you register they give you the name of the Wi-Fi and the password and you configure it as usual.

Keep in mind that if you already had it configured on another network, you will have to reset it previously Once you have done so, you will use the Google Home application. During the process, it will ask you for the data of the Wi-Fi network to connect to and you provide it and it’s ready to start. As long as the signal strength is good, of course.

Getting a worldwide and unrestricted Wi-Fi is more common in holiday apartments than in hotels. In any case, it is relatively common for there to be hotels whose web access is more complex and limited , with intermediate access pages that ask for information such as your e-mail or your room number before entering. Here configuring the Google Chromecast requires more work, since it will not be enough to enter the Wi-Fi.

Chromecast: 24 trucos para ser el rey del streaming en casaChromecast: 24 trucos para ser el rey del streaming en casa

With cable television

The most basic and reliable option for these restricted Wi-Fi is to bet on cable television, that is, physically connect the Google Chromecast. But of course, to be able to do it you need access to the modem or router in your room and an ethernet television cable

Yes Both conditions are met, connect the included TV USB cable to the Chromecast and an Ethernet TV cable from the router to the power outlet and plug it in. When you do, you’ll be able to open the Google Home app and go through the standard setup.

Chromecast: 24 trucos para ser el rey del streaming en casa

Creating an access point

If the previous point is not possible, another possible option to use a Google Chromecast in a hotel room is Config1 create an access point from your Android phone or iPhone

Config1Chromecast: 24 trucos para ser el rey del streaming en casa

On an Android phone you can do it in two ways: either in the shortcuts of the Android notifications shutter, making a long touch on the Wi-Fi zone and, once inside, touch on * Access point Wi-Fi You can also do it by entering the Settings to the Wi-Fi menu. In both cases you will have reached the same point, that of giving it an access point name and a password.

On this page you can activate and deactivate the access point, change the name network, security type, password, and so on. Once you’ve configured everything to your liking, you can now connect your Chromecast as if it were a standard Wi-Fi connection and use the Google Home application to add a new one grid.


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