They accuse the Nayarit police for the increase in missing persons

Rodrigo Nova Cacho, 28 years old, disappeared on April 22, 2020 on the borders of Bungalows Real del Sol,

a hotel in the paradisiacal region of Rincón de Guayabitos, in Nayarit. A day later his mother, Karina Nova Cacho, managed to send him a WhatsApp message in which he said “I love you”, a text that was read on Rodrigo’s mobile because the double “checkmark” was marked but it was never answered.

On April 25, a former Rodrigo’s girlfriend marked Mrs. Karina Nova visibly upset, yelling at her over the phone that “they killed Rodrigo,

they killed him! A friend of his told me . Do not know where”. The young man’s mother was shocked: “Why, who killed him?” She said before throwing the phone away in despair. Almost three years after this disappearance, six municipal police officers have been detained, but nothing is known about Rodrigo. The inconsistencies in the versions of the authorities abound in this case.

On the other hand, a An unknown voice made an ominous recommendation to Alejandra Pérez over the phone: “Go prepare some candles, because you are going to need them”

Since July 22, 2017, she has been looking for his brother, 28-year-old certified welder Santiago Eloir Pérez Reyes. With high-sounding words, they demanded a large ransom from Alejandra, on pain of sending her relative “in little pieces.” After several days of negotiation, the alleged kidnappers never provided “proof of life”.

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He was not the only worker victim of the crime. Santiago Eloir was “raised” on the outskirts of a gambling establishment under construction in Tepic, the capital of Nayarit, and along with him, an armed command kidnapped another welder and also a carpenter, some mechanics, someone who cleaned pools and other workers. The extortion calls to the Pérez family described precise information about the disappeared person, but did not provide proof that the young man was still alive.

No one is in jail for this disappearance, but there was an intervention by the United Nations Committee against Enforced Disappearances (UN) that was alerted to the systematic disappearance of more than 20 young people in Nayarit, all of which occurred on July 22.

According to the National Registry of Missing and Unlocated Persons (RNPDNO), between April 17, 2013 and April 17, 2023, 1,952 citizens have disappeared in Nayarit, a state where the percentage of personalities found is below the national average: while in the country kid found 40 percent of the disappeared, in Nayarit only boy found 31 percent.

(Juan Carlos Fleicer)

The official data indicates that at least 10 percent (66 personalities) were located dead in the last decade.

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The Prosecutor’s Office also disappears

Jesús Antonio Pinzón Angulo was taken away by elements of the Nayarit Attorney General’s Office together with Mr. Rogelio Guzmán Rodríguez. Pinzón was 23 years old at the time of his arrest. In a major operation by the Prosecutor’s Office, the ministries broke into a party in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood at the request of María de Jesús Rochín Ceis, 43, who turned out to be, along with her brother, a member of a criminal cell.

” They took my fat man and Mr. Guzmán Rodríguez”, accuses Leticia Pinzón, mother of Jesús Antonio. “There was a fight caused by Mrs. María de Jesús, who began to threaten at the carnival that no one was making fun of her; in less than an hour she returned with a group of ministerials to take away two personalities. The owner of the house and organizer from the feast he managed to flee”.

From December 31, 2021 María de Jesús She is in jail, although she has not yet been sentenced. But Jesús Antonio Pinzón and his partner were found, along with six other bodies, in a clandestine grave on the La Sauceda property, in the municipality of Xalisquillo, adjacent to Tepic. Once the discovery was made, the Prosecutor’s Office redirected the investigation folder towards a “lawsuit between individuals” to avoid investigating itself, from within the corporation.

(Especial)(Juan Carlos Fleicer)

In the western part of the country, Nayarit, a state of barely 20 municipalities, has severe problems of enforced disappearance: most cases are They are concentrated in the municipalities of Tepic, Bahía de Banderas, Compostela and Xalisco, where the dark hand of their municipal police and prosecutors is present, assure search groups and area activists. The most fateful period was during the management of Governor Roberto Sandoval and financial Édgar Veytia, sentenced to 20 years in the Brooklyn Federal Court.

Here, as in Jalisco and In Veracruz, the method operandi of “disappearances” cannot be understood without the participation of municipal or ministerial police attached to the State Attorney General’s Office. A kind of “narcopolice” that turns young people over to organized crime, as if they were sending stolen merchandise or a pizza at home.

(Juan Carlos Fleicer)

The relatives of the disappeared agree that in Nayarit ” everything rotted” since Roberto Sandoval García became state governor— today he is imprisoned in the El Rincón Federal Center for Social Readaptation– and Édgar Veytia spread fear from the regional Prosecutor’s Office.(Especial)


Despite the fact that these dark characters are behind bars, the criminal structure in the State Attorney General’s Office continues intact, despite the following governments PAN member Antonio Echevarría, who was governor until 2021, and Morenista state leader Miguel Ángel Navarro, who today minimizes and warns about the social conflict that the crisis of disappeared personalities means.

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The president talks about highways

Karina Nova is desperate, full of bitterness. His son is about to turn three years missing and there is not a single response from any authority. He was arrested by Compostela municipal police officers for allegedly carrying a weapon, but according to the police themselves he was “released” at 2:30 am on April 23, after paying only a 500-peso fine. His arrest had taken place at 10:25 pm the day before.

” There is no signature of “He, his income or his belongings, they are omitting a lot of information. I don’t know who they are protecting. Nothing is known about his car either, a red 2018 Jetta, I requested his call sheet but not much has been achieved,” claims Karina Nova.

On two occasions, in the morning, they have asked the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador about the strange disappearance of Rodrigo Nova and the president only talks about new roads in the paradise of Nayarit, of the new boost to tourism in that region and of the “integrity” of Governor Navarro.

(Especial)(Juan Carlos Fleicer)
” Having a hundred policemen is of no use to me in jail if they don’t say where my son is The police are detained for forced disappearance, crimes against humanity and organized crime (…) The president only replied that they were going to follow him up and then he started talking about roads. They have asked him about the case twice, in one he said that Alejandro Encinas (sic) would look for me, it is the date that no one from his office has called me, “says Mrs. Karina with anger in her voice.

In the investigation folder 1117-2020 it is recorded that Rodrigo Nova was arrested at 10:25 p.m., but was admitted an hour later, at 11:30 p.m., in the La Peñita police station, on a journey that, due to its proximity, should not have taken more than 10 minutes. In this case, the participation of the police in his disappearance and the complicity of elements of the Prosecutor’s Office, which they did not investigate, were clear.

” I have no money, but I have a lot of mother’s love to look for my son. Family and friends have told me ‘stay out, something could happen to you’, and look at me now, I’m looking for him alone. Why does one have to dig up the ground to find someone? your son?”, says the Nayarita searcher mother ruefully. “If they’ve already been hurt, what you want is to find them, and if it bothers them that you’re looking for them, then don’t hide them.”

More than 18 clandestine graves

Alejandra Pérez is the leader of the United Collective in Nayarit. They have nearly 150 members actively looking for their sons, daughters, brothers, and husbands. They have found and worked on more than 18 graves, the most recent on the slopes of the Cueva del Diablo, in Tepic, but also in El Pantanal, in Compostela and in Bahía de Banderas.

” I would not have for what to be learning this, they have forced us to be in these, it is a huge debt of the state. We run too much risk, we are getting into where not even the police want to go, and in this last point, one of the most dangerous, we know that it is occupied by criminals… I hope they understand that we are looking for love, because we need to return our loved ones home”.
(Juan Carlos Fleicer)

Alejandra points out that his brother and other Nayarits disappeared from the Jacarandas subdivision, but that that same day other personalities were “raised” from the Lagos del Country residential area. A systematic operation in which the state authorities wanted to justify as isolated events.

” They disappear simultaneously , we were fighting that it was not something isolated, but that there is a constant in these rows: there is someone with a mask with a skull drawing, who is the one who directs, in addition to some gray CRV trucks and white, just like the trucks used by the Prosecutor’s Office. The few witnesses who agreed to speak describe in the same way those who led the operation in the different events”.(Especial)

Alejandra Pérez assures that she will not rest until she finds out what happened to her brother, of course she is aware that her life is at risk due to health and emotional exhaustion, and due to the constant threat of who do not want the United Collective in Nayarit to continue investigating.

” At the time we went on a hunger strike in the PGR– today FGR– later more families joined us, we managed to extract 80 folders from the federal courts. We decided to leave the state because we saw the investigations stalled. One provided information and made no progress, so we had to write to the UN committee.”

On August 17, 2020, the United Nations committee ruled on 30 urgent actions by the state to remedy this forced disappearance.

Exonerate the Prosecutor’s Office


Leticia Pinzón confirms that the authority wants her to stay still, once her son was buried and the intellectual author of the “levantón” and subsequent murder is already in jail But Pinzón points out that he wants to reach the final consequences.

” Navarro– the governor– and Toño Echevarría– the former governor– made things up”, denounces Leticia. both since 2017 had everything stopped”.

Díaz Ponce was elected as Attorney General of the state of Nayarit from 2017 to December 2026

Mrs. Pinzón thinks that the governor’s office and the Prosecutor’s Office “wanted to suggest that in Tepic nothing happens nothing, they minimized the problem, taking advantage of the fact that there is no press here. Here the boy newspapers of the style: ‘What you send, Mr. Governor.’ The Prosecutor’s Office redirected the investigation to a kidnapping due to problems between individuals, in order to exonerate a dozen employees of that body who participated in the operation in the Hidalgo neighborhood.

( EFE)

Leticia explains that the file was prosecuted but the high command wants to leave it in court common to exempt the Prosecutor’s Office, despite the fact that it was his elements who arrived at the carnival armed.”Even the then in charge of the Anti-kidnapping Unit, Juan Carlos Villegas Navarro, overlapped many people and erased much evidence. He has already retired but I believe that he should be called to account”.

Today, relatives of the disappeared regret that the Royal Attorney General of the Republic has completely forgotten the call “mother folder”, with which various public servants would be punished for the disappearance of 22 personalities in July 2017, and that despite the intervention of the United Nations, the FGR bets on ministerial tortuguism, rather than issuing arrest warrants.

” They tell us that they are still investigating, that they are already going to arrest personalities from the [state] Prosecutor’s Office and nothing… there is no time, we do not see anything clear,” Leticia Pinzón concludes with a sigh.




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