They are looking for hotels and shopping malls in CDMX to pay the fair amount for property taxes and water

The initiative of Fiscal Code proposed for next year contemplates updating the cost of different taxes and services in the Mexico City, and seeks that some business owners pay a fair amount for property taxes and water.

Modifications to articles 127 and 174 of this Code are proposed, since it has been detected that in some properties, used mainly as shopping malls , hotels and private hospitals, which are under the Condominium Property Regime , some taxpayers have configured various legal acts to evade the fair payment of tax , with the sole objective of positioning itself in a more beneficial financial situation compared to others.

Due to the above, it is established that in the case of real estate subject to the Condominium Property Regime, with use other than residential, as in the For the aforementioned businesses, the cadastral value will be determined as “the one that fully corresponds to all the units of private property, as well as the proportional part of all the areas and goods for common use that correspond to them, which are owned by the same condominium owner”, that is, they will already pay as a business and not as a residential use.

Likewise, it is established that for the payment of water, the financial authority will assign an account “for each of the internal ramifications corresponding to each apartment, dwelling or regional condominium.”

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New costs

The Fiscal Code specifies that there will be no new taxes, but it will only be adjusted according to inflation, which will be more than 4%.

For example, the bimonthly fixed installment of property taxes for real estate, c With a value between 426 thousand 561 to 853 thousand 125 pesos, it will go from 312 to 327 pesos.

The proposal contemplates that by 2023 the marriages go from two thousand 745 to two thousand 874 pesos; while the registration of births will now cost 444 pesos and not 424.

Meanwhile, for the endorsement 658 pesos will be paid and no longer 628; the registration automobile will go from 804 to 842 pesos; and the parking meters will now cost 2.90 pesos per hour and not 2.80

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Likewise, tax discounts for vulnerable groups and the subsidy will be maintained 100% payment of car tenure if it is paid before March 31, 2023.

” For Fiscal Year 2023 , this administration will continue with a tax policy attached to the aforementioned principles of austerity and transparency, for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the City.The foregoing, since this administration is aware and empathetic with the situation of thousands of families in the Mexico City , which have had great effects on its economy given the havoc generated by the pandemic,” the Code specifies.

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