They found a body in Foz de Iguazú and are investigating whether it is the man who fell into the Falls

This is a Canadian citizen, who was reported missing in a hotel in the missionary town of Puerto Iguazú.

19/10/2022 Almost 36 hours after the search operation began, in which the Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA), Volunteer Firefighters and the Misiones Police team participated, they found a body in Foz de Iguazú, Brazil. The discovery, on the Brazilian coast, was made by a boat from the Macuco Safari tourism company.As confirmed, the body belongs to a 58-year-old citizen of Canadian nationality, and now they are investigating whether it is the same man who fell this Monday from one of the footbridges of Salto Bosetti, in the Iguazú National Park.Sources of the investigation confided to this medium that, during the afternoon of this Tuesday, the man was reported missing in a hotel in the missionary town of Puerto Iguazú Due to the place where the body was found, it will be the Brazilian Justice that will carry out the corresponding procedures. The chronology of the events First there were screams. When he heard them, the tour guide who was leading a contingent of 30 personalities touring the Iguazú Falls was startled. It was around 11 am this Monday and what the passengers told him was tragic: they had seen a man fall into the river from the guide balcony of the Bosetti Falls. The screaming continued. No one really knew what to do. In the midst of desperation, the woman notified the authorities of the Iguazú National Park. The search operation was quickly launched. However, due to the bad weather and the significant flow of water that the Falls have registered since last week, the raking was not an easy task. The search was only on the surface and no divers were used. Until this Tuesday afternoon, the axes of the investigation led by Martín Brítez, the Investigating Judge No. 3 of Puerto Iguazú, were based on two points. The first: confirm the man’s identity. One possibility was to corroborate it through the park’s income record, but due to the large number of tourists it receives per day, they had not been able to do so. From this point it also emerged that the tourist arrived at the Falls alone and not in a group, as he revealed at first. The second aspect had to do with the unfavorable weather conditions in the area. Although they already ruled out finding him alive, they knew that he would not appear nearby. It was even contemplated that it would be on the Brazilian shore, which ended up happening. Discarded versions of the investigationIn communication with Infobae, before the discovery of the body, Judge Brítez ruled out the version of the “selfie”, that is, that the fall of the man was related to an attempt to take a picture of himself on the railing of the catwalk (which is prohibited) and that he had lost his balance.According to the magistrate, of the dozen testimonies he collected, between witnesses and employees who worked in the Park, no one confirmed that leak.”Although some personalities saw this personality fall, it is striking that he did not ask for help. On the other hand, he did not try to hold on to the cement pillars that support the walkway. Or he went into shock and had no ability to react or, directly, he wanted to fall”, he maintained. Another of the discarded leaks: that the man had taken off his shoes before climbing onto the railing. In return, the magistrate provided details on the footwear found during the raking. “It’s a blue Under Armor. It’s a walking shoe,” he said. He also clarified that it was found in the lower part of the Bosetti Fall, about 50 or 100 meters from where the tourist fell. Regarding the photograph that shows the man with water up to his waist after falling into the void, and that a tourist would have taken, he maintained that the image (released by the regional media outlet Más El Dorado) is not yet part of the file. . For this to happen, the experts must confirm its authenticity. The remarkable circuit, from which man would have fallen, begins its journey 200 meters from the Cataratas Station and has an area of ​​1,750 cities. According to the Iguazú National Park website, “it allows an incredible and panoramic view of the horseshoe of the falls.” The estimated travel time of the circuit is approximately two hours. Due to the increase in the flow of water from the Iguazú River, the area of ​​the falls was closed for a day in a preventive manner “to protect the safety of visitors and workers,” according to a statement from the Park. On Friday the 14th, four days before the tragic episode, the venue reopened, although only the exceptional and inferior circuits were enabled. The footbridge to Garganta del Diablo is still closed.


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