They get married at 72 in an Ehpad, after having hidden their love all their lives


Two women residents of a nursing home in Hauts-de-France have formalized their relationship after nearly 50 years of tricks.

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WEDDING – Liliane and Andrée said yes to 72 years old, at the Town Hall of Valenciennes (North). The wedding took place on Tuesday, November 15 in the presence of some residents of the Ehpad of the Val d’Escaut where they have been living for five years and of all the teams of the structure. The story, told by the regional media L’Observateur, is noteworthy: the two women will have waited almost 50 years to formalize their love.

” They say they have been in love since the age of 25. When they came to our house in 2017, they asked to be in the same room, but we didn’t know they were in love. We found out during a trip to the beach “, explains Camille Hetroit, manager of the Val de l’Escaut nursing home, to our colleagues from The Observer

” Possible only on television “

“During the day, during the meal, we were talking about gay marriages. And Liliane and Andrée are there to ask us if it was possible to do that in real life. They thought that marriages between people of the same sex were only possible on television, adds Alexandra Simon, their referring nurse. They were told that it was possible. And a few minutes later, Andrée proposed to Liliane in front of us “

We all prepared this wedding as s ‘It was about the wedding of one of our relatives , “says Camille Hétroit. A party was organized
at the Ehpad
Placed very early during their early childhood in the Notre-Dame d’Aubry-du Hainaut home, they met at the age of 11. They have never left each other since.

While a shooting in an LGBTQ nightclub has just taken place in Colorado Springs in the United States and Fifa has announced to prohibit the wearing of the armband “One Love” during cutting of the football world in Qatar, this story reminds us that there is indeed only one love.

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