They received an 11 billion subsidy for youth sports accommodation, but somehow it turned into a 4-star hotel in Felcsút

The home village of Viktor Orbán continues to be built and beautified with the money of the Hungarian people. The European Union does not want to give money to the Orbán government precisely because of such moves, and for this reason Hungary may lose several thousand billion forints of EU support.

They didn’t get much publicity for it, but Felcsút was recently enriched with another impressive building. It originally started out as a youth sports accommodation, then next to the soccer center, an elegant hotel advertised as adult-friendly (that is, guaranteeing a rest free from noisy children) grew out of the ground – noted 444. The builder Felcsúti Utánpótlás Nevelésért Alapítvány (founder: Viktor Orbán, chairman of the board of trustees: Lőrinc Mészáros) embarked on the construction with a planned cost of HUF 2.1 billion, so that only part of it will receive state support through tao. But of course – as always, when one of Fidesz’s branches is the interested party – this changed along the way. , but the whole thing.So, the Hungarian state generously pays almost twice as much for a comfortable development of the Prime Minister’s home football team as it narrowly allocates for the renovation of the Chain Bridge, which is considered our national symbol, and which, by the way, it still has not given to the capital city, although in the meantime he is almost completely finished with the works. In addition, they even lied during the application, because they requested and received the Tao grant for retraining. Well, who dares to ask the Prime Minister of Felcsút for this? So now a four-star wellness hotel named hotel Pancho has been built with our money, whose photos reveal a rather high price level.

According to the Democratic Coalition, Viktor Orbán doesn’t give a damn and – like a small-scale dictator of a banana republic – steals money from the pockets of the Hungarian people quite openly in order to turn his native village into a world city. It is precisely because of these moves that the European Union does not want to give money to the Orbán government, and this is why Hungary may lose thousands of billions of HUF in EU support. Even after the past 12 years, Orbán is only interested in theft and does not deal with the livelihood crisis affecting the Hungarian people. Therefore, the Shadow Government is Hungary’s only hope to get out of the livelihood crisis.– says the party’s announcement, which was issued in response to the news.


Felcsúton nincsenek megszorítások, tovább épül a Hattyúk tava The new sports hotel – Naná is already under construction in Felcsút, that from billions of public fundsFelcsúton nincsenek megszorítások, tovább épül a Hattyúk tavaThe Puskás Academy already has a sports hotel, but it seems to be small and not directly next to the tracks.



in 80 days around the NER: High-end luxury investments with taxpayer moneyFelcsúton nincsenek megszorítások, tovább épül a Hattyúk tava The wheels are clicking on the trolley train… the charming song of our childhood reminds us of the Felcsút light railway, or Orbán’s hobby train, the one that runs between the famous Felcsút stadium and the Alcsútdoboz arboretum. Little money, little football, you could say! But of course this is a lot of money, with a small route.


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