This is an effort by PDAM Pangandaran to anticipate the underground water crisis,- To reduce the use of underground water in Pangandaran beach tourism object, West Java, PDAM Tirta Prabawa Mukti increases the production of clean water from river water treatment.

It is recorded that currently the Pangandaran PDAM is only able to serve 50 hotels in the Pangandaran beach area in the supply of clean water.

Director of PDAM Tirta Prabawa Mukti Pangandaran Agus Teguh said, the need for clean water in Pangandaran Regency is currently 6400 cubic per day.

” Nearly 900 cubic per all of the water used at the Pangandaran beach tourism object still uses underground water,” said Agus, Friday (4/11/2022).

Agus Teguh further added, if continue to rely on underground water, this condition can threaten the environment at the Pangandaran beach tourism object.

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Moreover, in a study it was stated that in the next 15 years there will be a groundwater crisis.

” It is time for us to campaign to stop the use of groundwater,” said Agus Teguh .

Currently, continued Agus, PDAM treats river water according to Permenkes standards.

” PDAM as an alternative solution to reducing groundwater use, is currently boosting water volume or quantity capacity, water quality and continuity (K3) which we often socialize 24 hours, ” said Agus.

According to Agus, the PDAM Tirta Prabawa Mukti Pangandaran service to the community is ready 7x 24 hours or every day without holidays. Therefore if there is a leak, then the maximum handling of 6 hours.

” If we don’t maximize the leak handling service, we will obviously lose money. Because clean water is wasted longer and longer, it will be a loss for us,” he said.

Agus invites all parties to start stopping the use of underground water in the Pangandaran beach tourism area.

” Our strategy (PDAM) will optimize the existing conditions first first. Because water has not been sold, of the capacity in Pangandaran of around 100 liters per second, only 65 liters per second are used. The remaining 35 liters per second is planned to provide water needs for hotels in Pangandaran beach tourism object. Currently, the available quota is only 50 hotels only that can be handled,” he explained. Teguh explained, his party had submitted assistance from Banprov for 2023 in order to increase the capacity of clean water supply, especially in the Pangandaran beach tourism object.

“Also proposing to the program to accelerate the development of the South West Java Rebana area, namely the issuance of Presidential Decree number 87 of 2021 for the Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) program,” said Agus.

Agus Teguh explained, PDAM has only been able to meet the demand for clean water in the Parigi District for 16 hours, but cannot serve it 24 hours. To overcome this, it is targeted that the reservoir in Bojongmalang will increase from 5 liters to 20 liters of water.

” Like in Citumang there are 20 liters per second or an increase to 40 liters,” he explained.

Currently in the Parigi area culture the people are used to it, at 10 pm the PDAM water has been turned off. However, there have been many complaints, therefore in the future the availability must be sufficient so that water can flow 24 hours. ,” he explained.

PDAM Tirta Prabawa Mukti Pangandaran currently has two water tankers to serve people who lack clean water.

Through this tanker, Pangandaran PDAM provides clean water every dry season for Margacinta Village and Bagolo Village.

In addition to the water tanker , PDAM Pangandaran also has 4 portable toilet systems. In this case the PDAM is tasked with providing clean water and sanitation.

Agus added, the PAD contribution is very little 80 percent of the PDAM’s revenue. PAD. But we have continued to work optimally to make the most of what is there with progress continuing to increase,” he concluded. ( Madlani/R7/HR-Online/ Editor-Ndu)


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