This is Finca Cortesin, the highly decorated hotel designed by Duarte Pinto Coelho and Lorenzo Castillo

One after another. Every year since it opened its doors, the hotel Finca Cortesin(Casares, Málaga) repeats leading the great rankings of best resort Spanish and European. It is not alone for its facilities(which is also), nor for its four swimming pools (which, by the way, they alone garner several awards) or for its 18-hole golf course Not even for having the only snow cabin in Europe or three restaurants of flag (REI, The Garden of Lutz or Don Giovanni); but above all this, for those “intangibles” that are valued as much or more in the world of luxury hotels.

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From Isabel Presley to Obama

This has to do with the quality of their service: impeccable; but also with an atmosphere, as warm as it is sophisticated, which has magically wrapped the vacations of great personalities, from Isabel Presley to

Obama, who arrive here fascinated by that contemporary Andalusian style that is always a “yes “. That style that impregnated wear Duarte Pinto Coelho, the most illustrious Portuguese interior designer of all times, that of impeccable services, great personalities and refined tastes knew ‘a little’. Not in vain did he rub shoulders with Coco Chanel and Salvador Dalí , and decorated the pre-wedding of the current Kings of Spain.

The REI Japanese-Mediterranean fusion restaurant. The great Coelho

Finca Cortesin was Coelho’s last work, shortly before he died (in 2010). It is not surprising that for some of the following projects, the owners chose Lorenzo Castillo, who recently designed the Italian restaurant led by the chef Andrea Tumbarello, Don Giovanni.

A great admirer of Coelho, Castillo does not skimp on flattery for the Portuguese: “Duarte was a decorator for a school that no longer exists, in which, in addition to know how to decorate, they knew about antiques, modern art and ancient art, and handle styles and periods with authentic mastery Here he demonstrates it, and It adapts to a very traditional farmhouse architecture, although seen from a modern prism, antique pieces and tapestries that seem to have been conceived at the same time as the building. Nothing is superfluous, everything finds its ideal place, and it has a unique balance and harmony”, he explains. source
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