This is no time for marines (or their musical imitations)


Crowd in front of the Packard hotel where money was allegedly thrown by the rapper. Photo: Video capture

When our parents told us about the humiliation in the neocolonial republic, they never missed the allusion to those American sailors who in the port of Havana threw their coins into the sea so that the poor boys who were hanging around would jump into the water to try to appropriate them.

The embarrassing events of This Thursday afternoon on Paseo del Prado (it hurts to call it José Martí in such cases) made me immediately remember those images that some documentaries and films about the 50s recreate for us.

A New York hip hop artist, visiting Cuba, is said to have thrown dollar bills from the top of the Packard hotel like a new messiah of the capital for those gathered there, causing tumult and disorder. Most of those present were very young boys, perhaps familiar with his music or his eccentricities.

It is stated that the aforementioned has done this type of action in other places, and who has also done the occasional good deed with poor families, in the midst of his complicated life story.

I confess that I don’t like his music, nor his projection, nor his sex manga name; but that is not the issue; Not even if Elvis Presley himself was resurrected, can he come to Havana to put together those humiliating reveals.

If you want to be generous with your money, there are other ways and purposes.

And if someone else did it, it is not admissible either.

American music stars such as Beyoncé, Jay Z or Katie Perry and other international luminaries like Paul McCartney; all of them did it with respect for our country and our people.

We are a hospitable nation, but dignified. We don’t need imitations of military or humiliating scenes.

Our decolonizing articulation needs all the forces and all the moments. The battle is tough.


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