This is the hotel from the series 'The White Lotus', an old convent in Taormina with original frescoes and a past full of Hollywood stars

Then there are the experiences you don’t expect, like the safari under the stars The guests of the San Domenico Palace

can enter an evocative area of ​​​​the Etna volcano, to admire the night sky of the island thanks to the almost total absence of light pollution. An extraordinary show to enjoy accompanied by an astrophysicist, and thus recognize Orion, the Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, Centaurus, Perseus and other constellations, while listening to stories from Greek mythology. All topped off with a special menu based on wines and local products devised by Chef Massimo Mantarro

Courtesy of the Palace of San Domenico.

During the day, you can choose to go sailing or opt for a day by the pool (the character from Portia in The White Lotus something knows about this…), with a lunch break or a break in Anciovi(in Sicilian dialect, ‘anchovies’) to taste some spaghetti with clams or an unusual pizza with anchovies. Sunset is the perfect time to have an aperitif at the Bar & & Chiostro, where the cocktail menu is inspired by the history of the hotel and Taormina. From the aforementioned ” Jealousy and Mandolin” to” En Plein Air”, the cocktail inspired by the photograph of Wilhelm von Gloeden, the German artist known for his pastoral nudes taken in various locations in Taormina, including the historic Palazzo San Domenico.

Here, between salons, stairs marble, frescoed ceilings and pointed windows, it is almost difficult to define beauty, because one is impregnated with it. The renovation works of the architect Valentina Pisani have kept the tradition intact, refreshing the rooms. Vincenzo d’Ascanio was in charge of the marvelous floral compositions that dot the hotel; landscape architect Marco Bay converted the gardens in a work of art; James Robertson, the artistic consultant, merged past and present. An incredible work in which history -and stories- continue to intertwine


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