This Kawasaki robot concierge opens doors and brings you breakfast in bed at the hotel (video)

If it bothers you that hotel employees enter the rooms, this robotic from Kawasaki is polite and discreet.

It is called Nyokkey, and it is a multitasking robotic developed by the Japanese company Kawasaki Today we are going to see him in his role as concierge of a hotel He is capable of knock on the door, open it, and leave breakfast on the table. You can see it in the video opening the news. At the last fair iREX 2022 in Japan, dedicated to robotics, the Japanese multinational Kawasaki presented its new range of robotics. You probably know Kawasaki by their bikes, but it’s actually a global tech giant present across multiple markets, including roboticsIt has a whole collection of curious robotics, like an android that pushes a wheelchair, or a robotic goat to carry cargo, which you can also ride. Kawasaki specializes in industrial robotics used in assembly lines. But he is also experimenting with humanoid robotics that work autonomously. Nyokkey, the robotic janitor What most attracts the attention of Nyokkey, the robotic in the video, is its flat screen that acts as a face, with the animations in the purest anime style reflecting on the screen .A male and a female version are available: Robot KawasakiRobot KawasakiIt’s a weird design, too kawaii for a professional robotic, which actually looks like a toy. Nyokkey also attracts attention for her extra long and flexible arms, that they are not balanced fool their body It is the advantage of being a robotic, that you do not have to be balanced. Nyokkey you can stretch and shrink the arms, and rotate them in various directions to pick up boxes at different heights and place them on shelves, stack them, and even introduce them into a delivery robot.
Así es Spot de Boston Dynamics

In the video we can see him holding a tray containing several glasses of water and tea. The most striking thing is that he is able to knock on the door of the room, and open the handle. Unfortunately, the robotic concierge Nyokkey from Kawasaki has a significant handicap: it is very slow. It is an aspect that you have to improve if you really want to be efficient in the real world.

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