Throw a bottle under a hotel bed. The stewardess explains what you get

A TikTok user works as a stewardess for a Dutch airline. Through social media, he shares useful knowledge about flying and staying in hotels. Recently, she added a material that caused great surprise among Internet users.

Stewardessa radzi, co zrobić najpierw po wejściu do hotelowego pokoju
The stewardess advises what to do first after entering the hotel room
Source: TikTok, photo: TikTok


Traveling the world and checking into hotels? Esther checked in at many locations due to the nature of her job. The first thing you should do upon entering your room, according to the stewardess, is to throw the bottle under the bed. The woman, taught by experience, explains why this activity is so important.

Will you stay at the hotel? Do that first

Stewardess decided to share on TikTok her travel trick that can save from uninvited hotel guests. All we have to do is throw a bottle under our bed.

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Never do this on a planedwtjvr0

What’s in a stowaway bottle? Throwing an item under the bed will help us check, without bending down and looking, that no one has hidden under the furniture on which we will spend the night. Esther nods to Nassim, the second flight attendant who shared a story with tiktok users. It turns out that one of the plane’s crew members once found an uninvited guest in his own hotel room.

” They were attacked, so every time I entered the room I put my suitcase in such a way that the door they stayed open. Then I would go inside and check everything – the bathroom, under the bed, in the cupboards, under the table and behind the curtains to make sure no one was there. Before I checked, I would never go into the room again,” Nassim recalled in commenting for

Vacation in a hotel? This is worth remembering

In the same video, stewardess Esther also mentioned some other useful travel tricks. TikTokerka added that it is worth using a paper cup as a toothbrush stand – just turn the item upside down and pierce it so that the toothbrush stays in one place.

Do you like to have ironed clothes and there is no iron in the room? no issues! Dress or pants on a hanger in the bathroom during the bath and spray them with deodorant; steam will do its job.

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