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Flight savings

Savings can be made this year by staying flexible with your travel destination, not reserving hotel rooms via large portals and booking flights on Sundays

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Every year in June, the purchasing power of the euro in countries with other currencies is determined — usually too late to plan your vacation afterwards. But what is emerging for the “holiday euro” in 2023: Croatia must be removed from the list of favorable exchange rate countries because the euro was introduced there. However, the exchange rate is still very advantageous in Turkey and Egypt. The Hungarian forint also offers certain price advantages for holidaymakers from euro countries; Norway is also advertising this year with its weak crown. The Scandinavian country is actually a bit cheaper to travel to than in previous years, although the general price level remains very high overall. In addition, there are currently large exchange rate advantages in some countries that are not classic summer travel destinations: First and foremost Argentina with a very weak peso, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka also have favorable exchange rates for holidaymakers from the euro area in 2023.


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