Tom Kaulitz on the moment he knew he fell in love with Klum

Heidi Kum und Tom KaulitzHeidi Kum und Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Kum and Tom Kaulitz


Heidi Kum und Tom KaulitzHeidi Kum und Tom Kaulitz The new Tokio hotel album was released on Friday. It is titled “2001”.Heidi Kum und Tom Kaulitz11/18/2022 , 04:48 PM Heidi Kum und Tom Kaulitz

The Tokio hotel Stars Bill and Tom Kaulitz(33) describe themselves as “extremely neat”. That’s what twins who grew up near Magdeburg tell in a double interview for the magazine Stern “For me, every item has its place where it belongs. But Tom is just as neat,” said Bill, who, like his brother, now lives in Los Angeles. “Bill and I are both really bad there,” said the one with Heidi Klum married Tom.

” We are disturbed in that regard. We’re never late either. That would be unimaginable.” Costs: “I’ve never missed an appointment or a flight in my life or overslept.” The new album by Tokio hotel was released on Friday: “2001”. However, Tom Kaulitz can no longer live out his need for order – because of the large family in the Klum household. “With four kids you can forget about a tidy home and my wife isn’t always tidy either. But inside I’m still like that. Now it’s on the side of my desk that is extremely tidy.”

Laughing together

Tom Kaulitz also revealed how he fell in love with Heidi Klum at the time. “I think I noticed that overall familiar feeling and when Heidi and I really laughed together for the first time. The moment we met, it felt to me like everyone was gone at once and we were all alone in the would be space.” Brother Bill added: “Well, I was a witness. Tom and Heidi might have thought they were alone in the room, but the whole room noticed.”

Heidi Kum und Tom Kaulitz

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