Tourism – Hoteliers anticipate difficult winter season

Created on29 October 2022|17:33

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Die Situation ist weiter schwierig

The situation remains difficult



F For the Austrian hoteliers, the situation has not become any easier than it has been over the years previously with corona-related restrictions. Accordingly, the hoteliers find it difficult to make a forecast about the winter season, according to the Austrian hotel Association (ÖHV) in a broadcast. Around two thirds of the hoteliers surveyed state that bookings are made even later than usual.

Only 15 percent of quality hotels see no changes in their guests’ booking behavior. “Ideally, there will be one or two more bookings before the start of the season,” notes ÖHV director Walter Veit.

At 71 percent, the majority of hotels keep their prices the same or increase them in the single-digit percentage range. And 36 percent of those surveyed expect shorter stays based on previous bookings. Pass away guests will also save on ancillary expenses, 39 percent of hoteliers assume. “We started the season better,” Veit comments on the survey results.

56 percent of the hoteliers expect the same number or more guests, 44 percent less. Around 17 percent each see increases or losses of 20 percent. And 49 percent of holiday hotels expect declines.

A major problem in the hotel industry is the lack of employees. Because 81 percent of the companies surveyed are still hiring employees, especially in the kitchen, service and reception.

Veit sees the high electricity costs as another problem: the electricity price per kilowatt hour has risen from 11 cents in the past year to over 19 cents this year and 32 cents next year. “No one can make up for the tripling of electricity costs by making savings,” says Veit. After all, the costs of wages, food and interest would also increase.

And only 10 percent of the hotels can pass on the increased costs in full. About 12 percent manage to charge between 80 and 99 percent of the additional costs and a quarter of those surveyed can add at least 50 to 879 percent of the additional costs to the prices.


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