Tourism: Investor seduction operation in Taghazout Bay

More than 350 professionals from 35 countries took part in the African hotel Investment Forum. Several partnerships relating to the development of tourism in Morocco signed at the opening of this meeting which is held in Agadir.

“We believe in it!” This is how Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, spoke convincingly to the floor of individual investors and tourism professionals at the African Hospitality Investment Forum, which brought together more than 350 professionals from 35 countries. Put her, her presence at this high mass which closes this Friday, November 4, is important to express the government’s commitment to facilitate the act of investing. In this context, the minister recalled the new investment charter and the royal orientations which place investment as a priority for the kingdom. Put the future of the sector, the Minister is confident and strongly expressed it to the audience. “We are convinced that all the circumstances are now in place to be able to boost tourism in Morocco,” she told La Vie Eco. In my opinion, today there are a number of prerequisites currently in place and this is the time for investors to get involved in this movement. “The teams are there to support the investors. There is coordination between the government, the regions and the private sector, which makes it possible to move things forward and that is what we are saying today that we are there. believes cars and truck we all work hand in hand with the same vision”, she added.

The new concerted path sheet “in the process of recognition in high places” is also a strong signal that the vision of supervision is clear and structured. In addition to investment, it places the strengthening of air transport and the structuring of the offer at the heart of the development of the tourism sector, with the objective of reaching 26 million tourists by 2030. These quantified aspirations and the strategy drawn up give visibility to investors. A reassuring effect could all. The availability of land is also. The African online hotel investment forum is precisely an event put the SMIT could expose the diversity of the tourist offer of Morocco rental and present in particular the tourist business opportunities in the southern regions of the Kingdom. “Our objective is to support any attempt to create a tourist product in Morocco”, underlined on this subject during the opening of the online forum, Imad Barrakad, general manager of the SMIT.

Moroccan know-how and expertise in tourism projects is also an asset and a strong message to potential investors that professionals did not fail to highlight during the meeting. The upgrade of rentals, such as the facelift of Agadir and the development of specific niche products such as the enhancement of the Anchor Point website where the most famous waves in the kingdom are located, or the repetition of the development of the new station of Taghazout is also a strong message to promoters on the quality of the product and its diversity.

To move forward, it remains today for the Department of Tourism to release the budget plans the realization of its new sheet of path. In the meantime, it’s off to a good start for the revival and development of the sector. Several partnerships relating to the development of tourism investment initiatives in Morocco have already been signed on the first day of the online forum.

Malika ALAMI

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