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    From: Christian Fellner

    CommentsIllustre Runde aus Tourismuskreisen: (v.l.) Philipp Holz, Sabrina Blandau und Michael Gerber sind zum Jahresauftakt zu Gast beim Skal-Club.Illustre Runde aus Tourismuskreisen: (v.l.) Philipp Holz, Sabrina Blandau und Michael Gerber sind zum Jahresauftakt zu Gast beim Skal-Club.

    Illustrious group from tourism circles: (from left) Philipp Holz, Sabrina Blandau and Michael Gerber are guests of the Skal Club at the start of the year. © CF
    Garmisch-Partenkirchen has been struggling with a tourist slump after the Christmas holidays for some time: the green winter is not exactly playing into the hands of hoteliers and landlords. Maybe we need to rethink soon. Garmisch-Partenkirchen — Slowly the message passed away round: No World Cup at the end of January on the Kandahar. Somehow paradoxical that on that Tuesday, on which the decision was communicated, the hoteliers sat together in the evening at their regular table in the hotel Zugspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to listen to a panel discussion about tourism. As if it needed another hit with a mallet on top in this green winter. Because the cancellation of the men’s race is always a dampener. “We in Garmisch-Partenkirchen are losing a lot of bookings,” confirmed Daniel Schimmer, the local chairman of the hotel and restaurant association. In addition, there are basically no women’s competitions this year. “All of this makes our January hole even bigger,” Schimmer summed up. What should you think of this winter so far? Schimmer, who moderated the discussion with local tourism experts such as Philipp Holz from the Zugspitz region, Sabrina Blandau (Alpenwelt Karwendel) and Michael Gerber (GaPa Tourismus GmbH), did not paint such a rosy picture of the current situation in the market town. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is “kid” now, so soon after what must have been very good winter holidays. “I know hotels that have rented three rooms, or another large hotel that has seven bookings,” emphasized the manager at Garmischer Hof, who also for the Free Voter sits on the local council. Guy have already corrected the room rates down. “We’re falling from the most expensive phase right down to the lowest rates.”

    Daniel Schimmer, the local chairman of the hoteliers and restaurateurs in Garmisch-Partenkirchen © FOTOPRESS THOMAS SEHR

    Waves of cancellations in poor snow conditions are not uncommon

    Mit Hoteliers and landlords have been fighting the so-called January hole for a long time. “The occupancy rate at this time is very much dependent on the snow,” emphasized Schimmer in the Tagblatt interview. “Because the skiers want and need their snow.” Waves of cancellations in winters with very little snow are not a big problem. “And you should get away from the thought that Garmisch-Partenkirchen can always be fully booked.” After all, landlords or hoteliers would also have to renovate and send their employees on vacation.

    In the past decades often Russian guests who celebrate their Christmas party on January 7th, which filled the January hole a little. But that too is in the past. Not only since the Ukraine war, since the travel options for Russians in Central Europe have been restricted. “A few years ago, Putin issued a travel ban for this time,” Schimmer recalled. After that, some of the financially strong guests stayed away. Tourism manager Gerber: “In January, people expect winter. The idea that you can change that simply through communication is wrong.”

    It’s a mix of two factors that influence the business enormously this year. During the discussion, Schimmer wanted to know what the tourism industry intends to do about it. He got few concrete answers. Michael Gerber openly assured that he didn’t have a quick panacea for immediately fueling the booking situation in town. A lot is being tried on social media. But: “In January, people expect winter. The notion that you can change that simply through communication is wrong.” Guy would have to “re-educate” people, as Gerber put it. “But that doesn’t happen that quickly. If you want to go on a skiing holiday, you might avoid it.”

    Holz argued similarly. For the district-wide Zugspitz Region basically put a “big bracket” around the winter. Precisely because it is difficult to apply. “Of course I can advertise winter hiking via social media, but that only works if it’s really winter.” There is currently hardly any snow at lower altitudes in the entire Central Alps. Holz is certain that the cold season is an issue, ” we as a region have to think about this in the long term”. Of course you have to continue to use marketing technology for the winter, where it actually still takes place. But he also sees a different approach. “We have to significantly strengthen the off-peak times we have in spring and autumn.” Cycling is now possible much earlier and longer. There are already more recreational cyclists, especially with mountain bikes, than footballers in Germany. All of them Sending people to the high mountains is not a solution for him. “We already have a lot of hikes, even in summer are too many for tourists.” Tourists are hoping for an exception this winter in this form

    Of course, all tourism professionals hope that a winter of this kind will still last, despite all the climate change exception remains. “I really don’t want to deny changes, but four years ago we had a snow disaster in January,” recalled Schimmer. In his eyes, the region needs more bad weather offers – for all seasons .” In turn, tourism experts and politicians are in demand. Everyone agreed with him. Schimmer is not afraid of the near future. “I’m not worried at all about February.” Carnival is always well booked. It will be exciting to see how winter develops until then. Whether there won’t be a new slump if the white splendor stays away.

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