Tourists have not yet returned to the Czech Republic, Russians are noticeably missing, says the hotel manager

What is the current state of European tourism?
Some markets are recovering slowly and some direct air connections are still missing. Tourists do not want to transfer, so they prefer to choose a destination where they can fly directly. Which I currently consider to be the reason why Prague suffers from a lack of tourists. In addition, it also has a delay compared to other cities in that it opened later than, for example, London or Warsaw after the pandemic.

These cities have a rapid head start, restarting a few months earlier. Warsaw also became a center during the war, where diplomatic visits, important representatives of countries, presidents often go. The hotel business goes hand in hand with various fairs and international events. As an example, I will mention Frankfurt, where thousands of visitors go to trade fairs. In 2019, there were 66 days for major fairs, now the number has decreased by 50 percent, to 33 days. Now we are looking for how to return to the original number, how to revive this business again, how to improve it in terms of tourism, investors, infrastructure.

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