Tragedy in Humahuaca: a couple of tourists are found dead in a hotel room

What was going to be a dream vacation, turned into a tragedy A couple of tourists was found dead in the room of a hostel in the city Jujuy from Humahuaca The regional police is investigating whether the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. It all started on Friday October 7 after 12 noon. Noticing that the young people did not do the have a look at, the owners of the place -located on 25 de Diciembre street in the San José neighborhood- went to the room that the couple had rented through an Internet page and that they had to leave that same day.

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After insistently knocking on the door, without receiving answers, the woman and the man at the hostel’s freight forced their way into the room and found a scene of fear: the two young people were lying in bed and without vital signsWhat followed was a 911 call. Quickly, members of the 15th section, together with an individual from SAME and Criminalistics from the Public Ministry, arrived at the scene and confirmed the death of both personalities. The victims, later identified as Sofía Macarena Robledo, 27, and José Eduardo Rojas, 28, were from the Buenos Aires town of Moreno, Buenos Aires province. Aires. They had left for the north last Friday, September 30. According to Natalia, Sofía’s cousin, they spent the first days in Tilcara and, on Tuesday the 4th in the afternoon, they moved to Humahuaca. “ The last we heard from them was on Wednesday, October 5, when they went on an excursion to Hornocal“, explained the young woman in dialogue with TNAs indicated by El Tribuno, at the time of the macabre discovery, Sofía Macarena and José Eduardo had been deceased for at least 48 hours According to the preliminary results of the autopsy, the young people lost their lives due to carbon monoxide inhalation. Statistics indicate that each year approximately 250 personalities die from this cause in Argentina, most during the winter due to the cold and the need to use artifacts that can give off monoxide. The risks tend to be multiplied in the south of the country due to its lower temperatures or in destinations, such as Jujuy, where there is a high thermal amplitude.As reported by the same media outlet in Jujuy, the owners of the hostel and their son were charged with “culpable homicide aggravated by the number of victims”, but they are not detained. For now, the prosecutor’s office awaiting the results of the ocular, photographic and film inspection carried out in the room where the bodies were found. The objective is to determine if there was a grid or some form of regulation ventilation for this type of lodging in the roomIn dialogue with TN Sofía’s cousin explained that, as soon as they learned of the facts, the families of both young people moved to Jujuy on Saturday, but still they were not allowed to recognize the bodies.In social networks, friends of the victims started a campaign to raise money to transfer the remains of the deceased youth to Buenos Aires.” $350,000 is needed for the transfer of Sofía Macarena Robledo and José Eduardo Rojas We need everyone’s collaboration with what they can. With what has been collected so far, the paperwork and tickets have been paid from relatives to Jujuy. What is needed

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