Travelland's holiday trips at HIT prices by air transport! European metropolises for National Day

Holiday trips simply have to be planned in advance. In order to ensure your place in the hotel and on the transport to the desired destination on time, you need to think about the organization now. Take the first step with the help of a travel expert.

In February, it was mandatory to travel especially for the National Day holiday. Then there are usually two non-working days – February 15 and 16. Extend the weekend and visit some great place you’ve wanted for a long time. Agency “Travelland” does not give up the tradition of good trips for holidays. We selected the most attractive destinations from the offer. A trip to Turkey’s largest graduate is at the top of the wish list of all travel lovers. The perfect combination of East and West can only be found in Istanbul Due to its uniqueness and affordability, it is a favorite of Serbian graduates. tourist– from 339 euros for 3 nights for departures: 14.2; 15.2; 16.2.Travelland photo: Promo Ancient and modern Athens is an intoxicating blend of history and modern lifestyle, and it just might be your best choice for the holidays– For National DayTravelland package price of 349 euros, for 3 or 4 overnight stays.Travelland ThresholdTravelland as a magical city of bridges, cathedrals and golden towers, is one of the destinations for which the departure on 16.2.- Package arrangement for 3 nights with flight transport costs 459 euros.Travelland In eternal graduates Rome can be visited throughout the year, and it is always beautiful and interesting. For National Day, a 3-night package deal with air transportation included costs 489 euros per person. An exciting adventure awaits you in one of the “temperamental” cities of Spain– Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia. Travelland Cities that send a simple message with their energy– Life is one, and we know how to live it!
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Flight departures for National Day: Travelland Valencia/ 12.2./ 4 nights=599 EUR;-LRB- Barcelona/ 12.2./ 4 nights=589 EUR;-LRB- Barcelona and Madrid/ 12.2./ 6 nights=879 EUR;-LRB- Madrid/ 15.2./ 3 nights=599 EUR Romantic souls would celebrate every day, and the perfect destination for them is of course Travelland ParisTravelland Agency “Travelland” organized a flight departure for “graduates of light” on February 16 . A 4-night arrangement with accommodation in one of the well-located hotels with 3 costs 609 euros. Visit and get to know one of the warmest capital cities and the westernmost capital of Europe exclusively by plane– LISBON Built on seven hills and famous for its winding, cobbled streets and climbs, colorful buildings, yellow trams and red suspension bridge over the Tagus River, Lisbon is also known as the San Francisco of Europe. Well. then how can you resist him! The price of the arrangement for the term 14.2-192. is 669 euros for 5 nights.Travelland photo: Promo In search of the sun and a pleasant vacation during the winter period, MaltaTravelland is a highly recommended destination for the month of February. This small and densely populated island country in the south of Europe is a combination of many cultures that have been in contact with the island over the centuries. If you reserve your place for departure on 13.2. or 17.2. with the entire payment, you get an additional 5% discount on the price of a package deal of 3 or 4 nights Travelland (the offer includes hotels with 3 *, 4 , 5 at a price of 319 euros per person).Arrangement reservations can be made at the travel agency Travelland TravellandTravellandTravelland, at the address Dobračina 43, in Belgrade, every working day from 09:00 to 20:00, on Saturdays from 09:00 to 16:00. For the most current offers and important information, you can follow the agency and on social networks Facebook and
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