Turkey and Syria: Millions are homeless – the number of deaths is increasing

Turkish civil protection warns of “intense aftershocks “

Updated on 02/17/2023

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After the earthquake: The German helper has been in Turkey for a week and shows his dramatic experiences in the video. (Source: t-online)
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After the earthquakes in the Turkish-Syrian border region, the number of deaths continues to rise. The authorities warn of aftershocks. All information in the news blog.

This news blog about the Earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border area has been terminated. Read the latest news at t-online. en/panorama.

Interior Minister Faeser rejects criticism

2152 PM: Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has criticized the excessive hurdles in issuing visas to earthquake victims from the Turkey and Syria rejected. “We can hardly do more relief at this point,” she told the “hessenschau additional” on Hessischer Rundfunk on Wednesday. However, Male will make improvements if necessary, for example with the staff of the immigration offices.

Criticism had been raised because, despite the promise of unbureaucratic help for three-month visas Admission to relatives in Germany for example a valid passport and a biometric photo are required. Passes away is often impossible to obtain in view of the destruction in the affected areas.

Faeser referred to agreements with the Turkish authorities for cases in which passports are among the rubble are buried. Germany also has two visa offices in the Region furnished. But there is no way around proper visa procedures. “We have to pay attention to who comes to us, despite quick help,” said the minister.

Turkish civil protection warns of intense aftershocks

1745 PM: Even a week and a half after the earthquake catastrophe with tens of thousands of dead, many more earthquakes shake the Turkish-Syrian border region. According to the Turkish Civil Protection on Wednesday, more than 3,800 aftershocks have already been registered– 38 with a magnitude of more than 5. The authorities warned of further “intense aftershocks”.

Meanwhile, the need for relief supplies in Syria is huge. “Despite the arrival of 90 relief vans, the amount of humanitarian funds in warehouses in Syria is falling to a critically low level,” wrote Samantha Power, chief of the United States Agency for Development and Emergency Assistance (USAID), at Twitter

Since the first tremors on Monday a week ago, 95 trucks have been bringing relief supplies to rebel-controlled northwestern Syria. In addition, UN goods were distributed that were already stored in the country before the disaster, including around 2,000 tents and blankets. In the country there are tablets for water treatment for up to 500,000 people.

Turkish government wants to push ahead with reconstruction

1358 PM: After the severe earthquake that killed tens of thousands, the Turkish government turned its attention to reconstruction on Wednesday. “We will quickly demolish everything that needs to be demolished and build safe houses,” said Environment and Urban Development Minister Murat Kurum on Twitter.

At a press conference In Malatya, around 160 kilometers from the epicenter of the quake, Tourism Minister Nuri Ersoy urged people to return to their homes if they were deemed safe by government authorities. “So we can start getting back to normal.” Three months before the planned elections in Turkey, the government was criticized for its crisis management.

The damage after the earthquake on Monday last week is enormous . In the southern Turkish province of Hatay, half of all buildings have collapsed, been badly damaged or must be demolished quickly, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said. According to the latest figures, 35,400 people died in the quake in Turkey alone. According to state media and UN information, more than 5,800 fatalities have been counted in Syria so far.

Dutch team: Four people rescued from earthquake rubble

1350 PM: A Dutch rescue team claims four people have survived the rubble in the Turkish city of Antakya in the province of Hatay recovered. The rescue dog team RHWW announced on Wednesday that it was about three men and a child. All four had been lying under the rubble since the earthquake disaster nine days ago.

A father and his son were found during the night, the team said. The other two men were rescued on Tuesday evening after the dogs had scented the tracks.

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