Twelve hours going up and down stairs, Abel's solidarity challenge to fight cancer in Cádiz

Javier García Padilla

Doce horas subiendo y bajando las escaleras, el reto solidario de Abel para luchar contra el cáncer

Video of Abel during training.

NIUS Doce horas subiendo y bajando las escaleras, el reto solidario de Abel para luchar contra el cáncer

You will go up and down an overall of 90,000 steps in the hotel Guadalquivir, the tallest building in Sanlúcar de Barrameda

This will be the third challenge he has carried out to raise money for the Association Against Cancer

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For two hours straight , Abel Mansilla has been going up and down the stairs of the tallest building in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in Cádiz. In overall 17,000 steps… but this is just a workout. The real challenge will be on Friday, April 21, that day Abel will be twelve hours non-stop going up and down an overall of 90,000 steps

at the Guadalquivir hotel in the town.

It will start at nine in the morning and end at nine at night. Every three or four floors the hotel has set up a table with water, fruit and mineral salts. “We are going to do it by two different stairs” , he explains to NIUS. One will be inside the hotel, the other is the emergency room that is outside and has the shape of a snail. “That tide a little more”, that’s why every two or three hours the direction of the march will change. In this way you will change the perspective, avoid dizziness and also reduce the effect of the steps on your knees.

This is already the Abel’s third solidarity challenge

with which he intends to raise money for the Sanlúcar de Barrameda Association Against Cancer. “The first time it was 24 hours without stopping walking,” says Abel, he did everything on foot, ate on foot…”. Many people accompanied him and many more waited for him on his arrival at the castle of Santiago. In the end he managed to collect 3,500 euros.

A challenge in Fuerteventura

“For the second challenge I wrote three cities on three different papers and I picked one at random”, says Abel. Fuerteventura came out and until there he went to tour the island from north to south in just over 24 hours. “It was complicated terrain, that looked like Mars,” he told NIUS. With his challenge this time he managed to raise almost 9,000 euros for the same association.

Now, he intended to climb the world’s tallest building in Dubai, but eventually couldn’t get permission for security reasons, so he changed Dubai for the 60 meters from the hotel Guadalquivir

in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the city that has welcomed this man from Extremadura for 16 years.

This was where he met a friend and co-worker of his wife who died of cancer several years ago. Since then, Abel has walked and every step he has taken has been in the same direction… helping fight the disease he stole from his friend.

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