US program helps Ian victims find temporary roofs

Those affected in Florida (USA) by Hurricane Ian can benefit from the Transitional Shelter Assistance Program that covers hotel stays for those who lost their homes, reported the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA, for its acronym in English), while the so-called “ground zero” tries to recover normality.

In a statement, the federal entity warned this Tuesday that “survivors” can visit any of the 15 disaster recovery centers that operate in various counties, in addition to taking advantage of “Operation Roof Azul”, a free service for homeowners.

To date, this last strategy has installed 3,244 roofs in the Floridian counties of Charlotte, Collier, Desoto, Lee and Sarasota, according to the federal agency.

In the statement, FEMA explains that, in conjunction with the state of Florida, the Transitional Shelter Assistance Program has already been activated to make direct payments to hotels and motels that participate in the shelter program. emergency.

To date, the program, which includes the states of Alabama, Florida and Georgia, covers 1,468 households with 3,817 members, indicated FEMA.

The federal agency, designed to respond to natural disasters, currently provides 477 million dollars in aid to Floridians, assistance available in 26 of the 67 counties of the southern state.

On the other hand, Florida authorities announced this Tuesday that the bridge that joins the devastated island of Sanibel with the mainland could be fully opened next Friday.

In a press conference, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, said that the Sanibel bridge, disabled in at least three sections, will reopen “in a few days”, something that the deputy fire chief of the island, Kevin Barbot, assured it will happen next Friday.

“We said (…) that civilians would have access to one month endings. Now we have a date that is even earlier than that,” said DeSantis, who aspires to his re-election in the next November fights.

For the midterm elections in the United States, DeSantis is comfortably ahead of his Democratic competitor, Charlie Crist, in the voting intention polls.

At the press conference, the Republican said that he has asked state officials to ensure that first responders receive the “bonus checks” that were sent when Ian hit Southwest Florida last September 28.

Some temporary bridge repairs allowed a single convoy with relief teams and supplies to access Sanibel, an island home to some 7,000 personalities, several days after the disaster.

As for the public schools in Lee County, considered the “ground zero” of the hurricane, at least 29 reopened their doors between Monday and this Tuesday, according to Christopher Bernier, superintendent of the school District.

So far, the official death toll from Hurricane Ian in Florida is 109, almost half of them registered in Lee County, according to the accounting kept by the commission of medical examiners in this state.

As some media have revealed, about half of the deaths have been due to drowning, due to the storm surge that raised the sea level several meters and flooded entire towns.

Ian made landfall in Cayo Costa, in southwestern Florida, on September 28 with maximum sustained winds of 240 kilometers per hour and crossed the Florida peninsula from west to east to reach the Atlantic and later impact South Carolina.

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