USA: Sex scandal in the police. Orgies at the police station, alcohol in hotels

She has a husband, but at the same time she seduced colleagues from work and even the wife of one of them. Police officer Maegan Hall, instead of working, organized sexual orgies with other uniforms or meetings with a large dose of alcohol. Their place was the command, hotels and private houses. When the superiors found out about the case, the “playing” group tried to lie to them that nothing bad was happening at the police station.

Maegan Hall worked in a small police station in the city of La Vergne for about a year. At that time, she managed not only to fight criminals, but also to establish intimate relations with colleagues from the service.

The findings of the internal investigation show that there were sexual orgies at the police station. Hall also met with friends in hotels and at their homes, where they organized alcoholic libations. She didn’t mind being married.

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The problem was also not the wife of one of her colleagues – she had sex with both him and her, secretly from her own spouse, reported the New York Post. The police station staff also played in the hot tub, sometimes naked. The “top” realized that the relations among the police station crew were not as good as required by professional rules, and launched an investigation. Information about possible irregularities came from the mayor of La Vergne.

The promiscuous policewoman and her colleagues initially denied that they had sexual relations. However, they did not manage to hide the truth for long. However, the superiors fell into the hands of uncensored photographs that Hall sent to friends – and each other.

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It also turned out that during one of the meetings the woman put an unloaded pistol to her head and pressed trigger, because – as she explained – she wanted to check what sound it makes.

The promiscuous policewoman lost her job. Her colleagues also

Hall also admitted to mental illness and alcohol abuse. She was also under the influence of percentages to drive a car more than once.

The police chief said that these behaviors can be as sexual harassment and made working conditions “hostile” for those who did not participate in the non-prudish meetings.

It was decided that Hall and her four colleagues would be fired from their jobs. Two other uniformed officers held their positions but were suspended.

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