Watch: Kang Ha Neul Is Like Family With His Co-Stars And Director Behind The Scenes Of “Curtain Call”

Curtain Call” has actually dropped a brand-new making-of video that reveals Kang Ha Neul‘s unlimited beauties!

” Curtain Call” informs the story of a senior hotelier from North Korea who does not have much time delegated live and a theatre star who serves as her grand son in order to meet her last dream. Kang Ha Neul stars as Yoo Jae Heon, the unidentified theatre star who carries out a life-altering venture, while Ha Ji Won stars as heiress Park Se Yeon, who handles the Nakwon hotel owned by her grandma Ja Geum Soon (played by Go Doo Shim).


The clip starts with Kang Ha Neul practicing a scene where Yoo Jae Heon fabricates passing out at Ja Geum Soon’s banquet. Although it is simply a practice session, his performing is so practical that the director can’t stop chuckling out of complete satisfaction. Sung Dong Il and Ha Ji Won are likewise captivated to see his practical performing. When Ha Ji Won silently approaches Kang Ha Neul from behind too rapidly and accidentally surprises him, Kang Ha Neul jokingly states, “You understand due to the fact that we’re recording now … you need to take about 2 minutes to get here [ and not that quick]”

In the following clip, Go Doo Shim and Ha Ji Won are at a beach, talking while looking at the sea. A boat approaches them, and Kang Ha Neul leaps out from the boat and goes to Go Doo Shim. Kang Ha Neul is all damp from leaping and running in the water, however he is more anxious about Go Doo Shim’s condition as he believes she has actually been standing under the sun for too long. Go Doo Shim takes a look at Kang Ha Neul with caring eyes as if they are a genuine household, showcasing best grandmother-grandson chemistry.

Watch the complete making-of video here!

” Curtain Call” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9: 50 p.m. KST and is readily available for seeing on Viki.

Catch up with the drama listed below:

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