Watch: Kang Ha Neul Is Ridiculously Hilarious And Adorably Close With His Co-Stars On Set Of “Curtain Call”

The behind-the-scenes video for Episodes 5 and 6 of “ Curtain Call” is here to include a little laughter to your day!

” Curtain Call” follows the story of Yoo Jae Heon ( Kang Ha Neul), an unidentified theatre star who gets roped into pretending to be the grand son of the senior hotelier Ja Geum Soon ( Go Doo Shim) in order to meet her last dream. By signing onto this function of a life time, he ends up being twisted in the web of tricks surrounding Ja Geum Soon and her household at the Nakwon hotel.

The brand-new making-of video for Episodes 5 and 6 has plenty of amusing minutes, great deals of outtakes, and the cast’s typical, capitivating shenanigans.

Kang Ha Neul is at the center of much of the behind-the-scenes mayhem, triggering his fellow cast members and the program’s team to break into laughter at his charming mistakes and eccentric performing. Throughout one specific scene, his overstated and excessive efficiency has Ha Ji Won in stitches behind him, ending with that shot probably not having the ability to be utilized, however definitely best for some B-roll video!

Another scene includes Jung Ji So needing to look after an intoxicated Kang Ha Neul. The scene does not go precisely as prepared when she runs into amusingly unforeseen problem undoing Kang Ha Neul’s necktie. Comes the minute when Jung Ji So need to provide a sharp slap to Kang Ha Neul’s cheek. When she mistakenly strikes a little more difficult than meant, Jung Ji So breaks out into a string of apologies while everybody else liquifies into laughter.

During wedding rehearsals for a scene in between Kang Ha Neul and Kwon Sang Woo, the latter star happily remarks, “You … are truly proficient at North Korean dialect.” Kang Ha Neul reacts to the appreciation with giddy laughter as he runs in for a huge hug. After they movie, the director excitedly mentions, “You’re both so proficient at acting!” Kwon Sang Woo humbly responds while chuckling, “I ruined. I screwed up a lot.”

Watch all of the behind-the-scenes action here!

” Curtain Call” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9: 50 p.m. KST.

Catch up with all the current episodes on Viki with subtitles here:

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