“What does SVT want with Hotel Romantik?”

opinionThe TV series “hotel Romance”

Save us, not from love, but the unintelligent and diminishing representation of it, writes Chris Marschall, former head of culture in Region Skåne.

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Lotta Löfgren, professor of sexology, comments on my criticism of SVT’s reality series hotel Romantik and “can’t help but reflect on the difference between the stance in official documents, guidelines and national strategies regarding sexual health and rights for all and the debate that the series created” (Current issues 27/1

respectively 10/2).

I don’t know which stance Löfgren is referring to. But the posts I’ve read (of course not all) have as little as I questioned the obvious in that all people regardless of gender, orientation, age, ethnicity etc. have the right to love, intimacy and sex on their own terms throughout their lives.



It is both gratifying and the urgent need for the subject to be given a place in the social debate and the media. Not only because the elderly are both healthier than before and sexually active well into their old age, something that enriches life, but also because it challenges the prejudice that sex is a privilege of the young.

In a society where being young and smooth is a merit in itself, it is even more important to show how the human body changes over the years. A younger person who participated in the debate about Hotell Romantik even thought it was wonderful to be able to look forward to a good, active sex life as an older person, something she had not thought possible. At the same time, someone else has complained about society’s obsession with sex, which can be quite stressful if you don’t think sex is everything in the world or are even asexual. So there is probably a lot left to break norms and taboos around sex. But that was not what my previous post on Aktuella fragr was about. It’s the format of the show, the way older people are portrayed that is ridiculous and one-dimensional. Isn’t it a little strange that after only a few days of acquaintance, people are sent off to a small cabin and expected to share a double bed? To report at breakfast the next day in front of the curious friends like teenagers who usually ask, “did you do that…?” Ad

By attracting 70-year-olds to participate in cringe-worthy daycare games and teenage “romance” Hotell Romantik reinforces the ageism that exists in today’s Sweden. I still wonder: What does SVT want with the series?

So save us, not from love, but the unintelligent and diminishing representation of it!


Chris Marschall

, former head of culture in Region Skåne

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