What guests swipe from hotels

If you’re a friend of the sitcom “Friends”, you probably know this scene. Ross Geller teaches Chandler Bing how to get the most out of the hotel room–literally. In short– he packs everything that isn’t nailed down: shower gel, body lotion, he doesn’t even stop at the toilet paper.

And as a survey by the flight search engine Checkfelix shows, there is probably a smaller — or larger — Ross Geller in at least every second of us. Because 62 percent of those surveyed in Austria have already taken hotel utensils home with them. In an international comparison, travelers from Austria are more likely to be among those who don’t swipe away as often. Because 39 percent of the women and 38 percent of the men stated that they had never stolen anything from the hotel. In Great Britain and France, 33 percent said so, in the USA it was only 25 percent.

It is primarily shower gel that is taken home, but body care sets also end up in the toiletry bag. These things are not surprising. It is more surprising that cutlery, batteries or decorations also make their way out of the hotel room.

Top 12 hotel essentials

  1. Shampoo/Conditioner 35 percent
  2. Personal care products 32 percent
  3. Slippers 14 percent
  4. Coffee capsule or tea 9 percent
  5. Towel(s) 7 percent
  6. Bathrobe 5 percent
  7. Clothes hanger 4 percent
  8. Glasses 4 percent
  9. Cutlery 3 percent
  10. Decorative items 2 Percent
  11. Bible 1 Percent
  12. Remote Control Batteries 1 Percent

And if you want to learn from the pros, you can watch the short clip from “Friends” right here:


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