When Jokowi and his college friends laugh at the issue of fake diplomas

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi) took the time to meet his college classmates on the sidelines his working visit at Yogyakarta, Sunday (16/10/2022) morning. The moment occurred at a cafe, hotel Royal Ambarrukmo.

One of Jokowi’s college colleagues at Gadjah Mada University ( UGM) named Erwansyah said that the meeting was not planned at all. This is because the meeting of Erwansyah and nine of his friends who were from the class of 1980 was actually in order to welcome the UGM Anniversary at the end of October 2022.

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” We-we have gathered for consolidation in order to invite contemporaries from outside Yogyakarta,” Erwansyah said to Kompas.com after the event. . We are somewhat surprised also with his arrival,” he continued.

This surprising and unexpected moment was also used to meet and reminisce about the old college days. The stories of the past are retold with smiles and laughter. Starting from the story in the classroom, the location of the campus, to the tops of the mountains.

Erwansyah continued, topics that are currently busy in the community are also not apart from the discussion, namely the issue that Jokowi’s diploma is fake.

” On the sidelines we also mentioned the question fake diploma Yes, we just laughed at it,” continued Erwansyah.

President Jokowi, according to Erwansyah, seemed very relaxed in dealing with the issue. which is believed to be a hoax.

The meeting which lasted more than 30 minutes had to be ended because President Jokowi wanted to continue with other events. Meanwhile, Erwansyah and his friends continued the meeting according to the original plan.

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